Ask the President to Support Full Marriage Equality

"The president does oppose same-sex marriage, but he supports equality for gay and lesbian couples" - Obama adviser David Axelrod to MSNBC, 8/5/10

Please add your name to our open letter to the President (below) asking him to come out in support of full marriage equality for LGBT Americans.

Why?  Because it's time.

In the wake of today's historic court decision on Proposition 8, it's time for President Obama to support full marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples.(1)

Today's news comes on the heels of last month's decision by a federal district court in Massachusetts finding DOMA unconstitutional.(2) We are on the march towards full equality, and we need the President with us.

It's time for President Obama to show leadership.

It's time for President Obama to stop defending DOMA in the courts.(3)

And it's time for President Obama to declare his support for full marriage equality.

You simply do not support equality for gay and lesbian couples if you don't support letting them marry.  "Separate but equal" treatment of LGBT Americans, in any form, is unjust, immoral, and simply wrong. Barack Obama knows that.  In fact, he favored legalizing same-sex marriages back in 1996.(4)  But in 2008, the Obama campaign made a calculated political decision that the candidate wouldn't support full marriage equality. In 2012, not supporting marriage equality will be the wrong political decision for Barack Obama.

President Obama must decide whether to be on the right or the wrong side of history. Our freedom is on the march. It's time for our President to join us.

Please add your name to our open letter to the President. Ask President Obama to support full marriage equality.

Dear Mr. President:

We are writing to ask you to come out in support of full marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples.

In 1996, you were in favor of legalizing same–sex marriage. By 2008, your public position had changed.

“Separate but equal” is wrong. It’s time for you to do the right thing, and come out again for full equality for LGBT Americans.

We are on the march towards full equality. Please join us.
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    6076 Fri Jun 13 00:11:46 EDT 2014 linda anne Hello. Oh, thank you very much for providing this article. Information useful for many!
    6075 Sun Oct 02 15:23:25 EDT 2011 SHAMYN WHITEHAWK Racial discrimination, although not yet defeated, is on the decline. In those cases, one can pick out the people being discriminated against due to racial characteristics. Homosexuals can be called an More....
    6074 Tue Sep 20 13:45:02 EDT 2011 Latoya Travis Various people in all countries get the <a href="">loan</a> in different banks, just because it is simple and comfortable.
    6073 Thu Sep 08 09:45:11 EDT 2011 Ty Lewis The time is now. Secure your re-election by the gay community. Get this country back on the move and stand up for workers and minority rights.
    6072 Wed Aug 10 19:18:16 EDT 2011 Sonny Feldman
    6071 Mon Jul 18 18:43:09 EDT 2011 Bobby Willard I have been thru the 60's, 70's, and 80's attitude, but this is not those days any more. We as a nation are supposed to advance, not step back in time. Advance the gays in our quest to be equal in all More....
    6070 Thu Jun 09 19:39:13 EDT 2011 Anonymous
    6069 Tue Jun 07 14:20:37 EDT 2011 molly fullerton
    6068 Fri May 20 18:09:12 EDT 2011 Aaron Yoshitake
    6067 Tue Mar 15 20:50:51 EDT 2011 Sarah Spinks Equal rights are not equal unless they apply to everyone. Opposing equality in marriage like saying there is no difference between the front of the bus and the back.
    6066 Thu Feb 03 01:45:13 EST 2011 Anonymous
    6065 Tue Jan 04 14:47:49 EST 2011 Elba Gale Dear Mr. President,

    You have the opportunity and the power to grant equal rights to all US citizens. The might of the majority is not always right. Gay and Lesbian Americans have been denied More....
    6064 Wed Dec 15 11:35:54 EST 2010 Anonymous
    6063 Fri Nov 26 08:56:55 EST 2010 Don Hauser
    6062 Wed Nov 17 16:45:17 EST 2010 Janelle Moore
    6061 Thu Nov 11 17:44:53 EST 2010 Elaine Romagnoli Talk is cheap Mr. President. Time for action
    6060 Thu Nov 11 12:22:10 EST 2010 ChadMichael Morrisette
    6059 Wed Nov 10 17:06:53 EST 2010 Nicke Gorney
    6058 Wed Nov 10 16:44:12 EST 2010 Melanie Mitzner
    6057 Wed Nov 10 12:36:21 EST 2010 Terry Wilkerson
    6056 Wed Nov 10 04:44:03 EST 2010 clifford stewart
    6055 Wed Nov 10 02:44:30 EST 2010 Kelly White
    6054 Wed Nov 10 00:27:04 EST 2010 Cassandra Sheffield Its time to treat everyone the same! We all deserve the same rights!!!
    6053 Tue Nov 09 23:26:34 EST 2010 Willow Clark
    6052 Tue Nov 09 21:04:29 EST 2010 Jeff Coombs The time is now - everyone deserves the same rights today
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