Dan & Terry!
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Sign an e-card to Dan Savage and Terry Miller congratulating them on their marriage!

Please join us in signing this virtual congratulations card to Dan Savage and Terry Miller on their marriage today in Seattle, Washington. I will be delivering the card, and your personal well-wishes, to Dan and Terry.

Dan and Terry were one of the first gay couples to get married in Seattle this morning, after the state legalized marriage for same-sex couples in the November 6, election.

Dan and Terry had already married years ago in Canada, but weren't permitted to get married in their own home town until now. Dan would often joke that Terry was his "husband in Canada, boyfriend in America."  No more.  Today, they are legally wedded husband and husband in America - at least in the state of Washington.  We still have a ways to go in getting the marriages of gay couples recognized at the federal level, but we have people like Dan Savage and his husband Terry to thank for our progress to date.

Please sign our congratulations card for Dan and Terry, and feel free to add a personal note.  I'll be delivering the card to the boys, who I know personally (and adore), so I know they'll appreciate your well-wishes.

Congrats Dan and Terry!

Congratulations, Dan and Terry, on being husbands in Canada, and finally husbands in America too!
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439 Wed Dec 19 03:21:21 EST 2012 K Danowski Pittsburgh, PA , US Awesome! Congratulations to you both!
438 Tue Dec 18 09:25:43 EST 2012 David Benard Baytown, TX , US Rejoicing with you, Dan and Terry - you're an inspiration to us all!
437 Sat Dec 15 00:01:56 EST 2012 Robin O US Times...they are achanging!!! Congratulations and thanks for your tireless contributions in making the world a better place!!
436 Fri Dec 14 16:31:31 EST 2012 Kevin Lewis Portland, OR , US I am so happy to see you two get married! It gives me hope that our state will soon follow, and then the rest of the nation, in recognizing and respecting that everyone should be able to stand-up and More....
435 Thu Dec 13 01:43:23 EST 2012 maria muhaysin LA , Congratulations! ?
Dan, reading your books has taught me so much about relationships. You guys are amazing!
434 Mon Dec 10 20:42:55 EST 2012 Steven Salzman Dear Terry and Dan, I know exactly how you feel! Much love to your family.
433 Mon Dec 10 16:58:46 EST 2012 Anonymous UT , US Ad multos annos!
432 Mon Dec 10 16:00:37 EST 2012 Cynthia Weaver Nampa, ID , US Congratulations! Wishing you every happiness!
431 Mon Dec 10 15:06:48 EST 2012 Julia Blackall Congratulations, Dan and Terry! Thanks for all you've done to make this world a better place. Wishing you all the best!
430 Mon Dec 10 13:47:53 EST 2012 Anonymous Seneca, SC , US CONGRATULATIONS....We rejoice with you!!
429 Mon Dec 10 12:43:35 EST 2012 Patricia Curran Ashburn, VA , US Congratulations! I hope your lives will keep getting better for years and years.
428 Mon Dec 10 10:46:13 EST 2012 Julian Rose Portland, OR , US My sweet fiance Oz and I are joining you in the matrimony thing sometime soon. We want to actually live in Washington before we tie the knot (we currently live in PDX).

Have a happy More....
427 Mon Dec 10 10:17:24 EST 2012 Mark Alden Springfield, MO , US Congrats, guys. Terry, you're a very lucky guy. Dan, you're a hero. Seriously. I can't think of anyone I admire more. Your courage and blunt eloquence are an inspiration. For the IGB campaign you More....
426 Mon Dec 10 09:05:57 EST 2012 Jennifer Cottrell Champlin, MN , US Congrats and thank you for all you do!
425 Mon Dec 10 02:00:09 EST 2012 Kate Smith Vashon, WA , US Congratulations! I am thinking of many dear friends who did not live to see this happy day! We rejoice for you, I am proud of us as a state for standing up for equal rights!!
424 Mon Dec 10 00:06:45 EST 2012 Paul Holzapfel Larkspur, CA , US Congratulations and big love from one of the 18K who were married in CA. Thanks for joining our ssm 'club' and hopefully this right will very soon be extended to all.
423 Sun Dec 09 21:15:17 EST 2012 Hollyann Tetreault East Longmeadow, MA , US Congrats, Dan & Terry! You deserve all the happiness the world has to offer!
422 Sun Dec 09 20:20:24 EST 2012 Randy Flood York, PA , US Congratulations Dan and Terry! You are an inspiration to all of us. Next step: Repeal DOMA
421 Sun Dec 09 20:20:22 EST 2012 Norma Jean McSpadden MARIETTA, GA , US Congratulations, and thank you for working to make the world a better place -
420 Sun Dec 09 18:52:10 EST 2012 Nancy Ketcham Rutland, VT , US Oh Happy Day! Which country will you get married in next?! It's been a long time comin' to Washington (my home state), but there's still a lot of work to do for the other States, unless the Supreme More....
419 Sun Dec 09 17:09:49 EST 2012 Kate Mastroianni Milford, MA , US Congratulations! Hope you have a long & happy married life together
418 Sun Dec 09 15:54:53 EST 2012 Laura Horowitz Pittsburgh, PA , US My husband and family send our most heartfelt congratulations! We are thrilled for you and your son, and we are counting the days until we in Pennsylvania can celebrate at our own same-sex weddings!
417 Sun Dec 09 13:32:44 EST 2012 Rachel Kahan US Congrats to DJ's dads from a straight ally! May you have many more years of being GGG for each other and may everyone in America have the same right soon.
416 Sun Dec 09 12:55:45 EST 2012 Chkarlotte R. Morrill ME , US Congratulations from the whole country - gay and straight. Your wedding makes the world better for all of us.
415 Sun Dec 09 12:05:01 EST 2012 Mary O'Grady TX , Heartiest congratulations to you two lovebirds!
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