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Thanks! Now please tell your friends about the DNC boycott

Thank you for signing the Don't Ask, Don't Give pledge!

Now, please help us spread the word about this important campaign by using this page to tell your friends about the boycott of the DNC.

The neat thing about this page, we never get to see the email addresses you enter.  You enter them, the emails get sent to your friends and contacts, and then every single email address is deleted -- we never get a copy, they're not stored anywhere.

So please use the form below and urge your friends to take the pledge: Don't Ask,  Don't Give; hold off on donating to the Democratic party until they keep their promises to the gay community and our allies.

Send mail using your own address book.

Enter your information:

Join the boycott of the DNC, help our lgbt friends and allies

Here is the message that we are going to append:
Sign the petition, and take the pledge not to donate to the DNC, OFA, or the Obama campaign until they pass ENDA, and repeal DADT and DOMA. You can find the pledge here:

Frequently Asked Questions - everything you wanted to know about this campaign:

AMERICAblog Gay - the site where we'll be organizing the campaign and providing updates on this issue, but also lgbt political issues across the board:

use comma, space or semi-colon (, ;) to separate your email addresses