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Stop Stupak

Stupak's back - holding health care hostage if he doesn't see more restrictions on women's reproductive rights. We must act now!

Even though the Senate rejected Cong. Bart Stupak's initial language to prohibit millions of women from getting coverage for abortion in their health insurance, he's making one last ditch effort to get his provisions into the final health care bill. And, if he doesn't get his way, he's planning to derail health care reform altogether.  
Stupak says that he and 11 other members of Congress will hold health care hostage if they don't see more restrictions made on women's rights -- restrictions that, like his earlier proposal, could go further than any previous federal law to restrict access to abortion. But we can't let that happen.

We must fight back against Stupak's repeated dangerous assault on women's reproductive rights.

When Stupak tried this the first time, we were proud of the women in Congress who stood up to him. We need to show our women we're standing right beside them.

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I stand with the pro-choice Democratic members of the House and Senate who are fighting to protect women's rights in the final health care bill.  

It's unacceptable that Cong. Bart Stupak is threatening to hold health care hostage if he doesn't see more restrictions on reproductive rights.

Together, we will form the firewall against demands from Stupak and his anti-choice allies to ensure women's rights are protected.  

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