Fight for our Economic Future

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Governor Corbett’s proposed budget includes a 50% cut to the 14 colleges that comprise the State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). 

State-related schools, which include Penn State, University of Pittsburgh, Temple and Lincoln University, will sustain cuts that range from 47% to 50%.

In addition to these drastic cuts, Gov. Corbett has proposed a cut to the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) from $441.2 million to $411.56 million, which is in addition to a $1.575 cut in federal funding.  Pennsylvania already has some of the highest tuition rates for public higher education. 

Where does this put middle class families?

Students across the states are coming together to protest this budget that limits their ability to afford a higher education, but this is not just their fight, it is our fight.   An investment in education is an investment in our economy and our future.  Our economic growth depends on having an educated workforce.  Currently, PASSHE schools enroll nearly 120,000 students, and almost 90 percent are Pennsylvania residents.

Pennsylvanians deserve a balanced approach to a budget that reflects the values of the people they represent. 

More details on the budget:

  • The 14 colleges that comprise the PA State System of Higher Education was cut by 50% from $465.2 million to $232.6 million.
  • Community colleges funding has been reduced by 10% or $2 million.
  • Penn State funding was reduced by 48%, $318.1 million to $165.1 million.
  • The University of Pittsburgh, Temple and Lincoln University all sustain cuts of 50%