This is it!

Take action NOW!  Send an email and make a CALL to your legislators.

They are listening and time is running out...

This is it!  Over the next few days, House and Senate leaders will finalize a deal and finalize the budget.  Today, this weekend and Monday and Tuesday may be the last chance we can let them know the type of budget Pennsylvanians want.

We want:

  • The Accountability Block Grant fully restored
  • To address the inequitable cuts - poorer districts should not be getting higher cuts. 
  • We want the legal amount (75%) of the revenue surplus used to restore funding to the basic education subsidy and higher education
  • A budget that DOESN’T include a voucher program that would lead to MORE CUTS to education funding.  Vouchers are a radical shift in policy (and expensive!) and should be considered independently, not slipped into the budget process in order to ram them through.

Please take a moment to send an email to your legislators reminding them of your priorities as their constituent and as a voter!  Follow that email with a phone call to their district office.  Phone numbers are provided after you submit your email. PLEASE CALL!