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Pennsylvanians cannot AFFORD state funded VOUCHERS!

Vouchers are about shifting public funds to private schools.
Sixty-five percent of the students expected to receive a voucher under current proposals already attend private and parochial schools.

Vouchers take urgently needed state resources away from children in public school classrooms.
Proposals would fund vouchers with state funding already allocated to school districts, thereby reducing the state funding to established public schools.  In urban districts with high concentrations of poor students, these classrooms are already underfunded by thousands of dollars per student.

Vouchers are not an effective strategy to increase student achievement.
Reputable research on voucher programs in Milwaukee, Cleveland and Washington, DC indicates that these programs produce few if any statistically significant positive effects on student achievement.

Pennsylvanians students WANT and NEED:

Adequate funding for strategies proven to raise academic achievement.

Not Vouchers.

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