Pledge to participate in a Statewide "Call" to Action for Public EducationDecember 5th

PLEDGE Right Now to join the Statewide "Call" to Action for Public Education

On Wednesday, January 25, 2012 thousands of people will set aside 5 minutes to call their local elected officials with a short message about the importance public education is them and their community.


  • Class sizes are increasing in many communities.
  • Kindergarten, tutoring, arts, sports …. all being cut.
  • We keep reducing education to the point where someday soon, we could be teaching only subjects that will be on standardized tests. 
  • We are raising taxes at the community level, putting more pressure on property taxes instead of  having a statewide funding formula that is aligned to learning standards, fiscally responsible, fair and both Constitutional and ethical.

Want to fight back?  PLEDGE RIGHT NOW to join the Statewide "Call" to Action for Public Education in December.  For tips for how to make your call, click here.

I pledge to call my local State Representative and Senator with on December 5th to tell them that public education is my highest priority as a taxpayer and a voter.
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