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Ask your lawmaker to support a compromise--we need to keep our strong teachers.

Once again, the PA House is fast-tracking legislation that is bad for our public schools.

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Parents and community members who care about keeping excellent, experienced teachers in our schools must CALL and email their legislators today to ask them to oppose House Bill 805, a bill that is called “protect excellent teachers” but actually could have just the opposite effect - creating a financial incentive for districts to layoff experienced teachers. 

House Bill 805 would change state law to allow school districts to furlough teachers based on the results of the Educator Effectiveness System (EES), adopted under the Corbett Administration, a very complex system that is has not even been fully implemented in our schools, and has come under criticism because it relies heavily on standardized test scores which closely correlate to poverty.

The EES is still in its infancy, it has not been proven to yield valid, reliable and fair results, and it most definitely is not a tool that is appropriate to use when making high-stakes decisions about  which teachers to furlough.

Ask your State Representative to oppose HB 805 and instead support the reasonable compromise amendment proposed by Republican State Representative Bernie O’Neill

Representative  O’Neill ‘s amendment recognizes the economic conditions facing many of our schools today and allows school boards to furlough teachers in a way that ensures our schools can actually keep the best teachers.

The O’Neill amendment creates a system that is 

  • Transparent (school boards must adopt the furlough in a public meeting) ,
  • Fair (it requires an equal percentage of furloughs between teachers and administrative staff) , and
  • Allows for teachers with two consecutive unsatisfactory evaluations to be furloughed without regard for their seniority.

House Bill 805 bill is extreme and if it becomes law, some of our best, most experienced teachers could be furloughed because of an untested evaluation system that hasn’t proven to yield reliable and valid results.

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