The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools

Support the Fight for Dyett and the Schools Our Children Deserve

For over four weeks, a dozen parents, teachers and community members have been leading a hunger strike to save Dyett High School in Chicago – and in so doing they have inspired education justice organizers across the country. The brave and courageous actions of the Dyett 12 stand as a shinning example of the dedication and passion that drives social change and the struggle for justice.

People should not have to starve themselves to win the schools all our children deserve. The fight for equal educational opportunities for students of color and students from low-income neighborhoods and the struggle for local control of community institutions shouldn't have to come to this. Unfortunately, what is happening in Chicago is a problem nationwide.

We must stand together as a national force against those who seek to privatize our public schools, dissolve elected school boards and shut out the voices of parents, teachers and students.

As the hunger strike for Dyett High School continues, add your name below and help us grow a national network of people taking action to win the very kind of schools that the strikers are demanding.

The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools
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