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Create a "Citizens' Commission for Education" in Philadelphia

We need a better mechanism for authentic public participation in the governance of the state-controlled School District of Philadelphia.

 City Council is uniquely positioned to directly engage the School Reform Commission and administration of the School District of Philadelphia. It can solicit information and expect a response. Therefore it is uniquely positioned to provide a mechanism to create meaningful and robust public participation.

Building on the recent and historic intergovernmental cooperation agreement between the district and City Council to expand transparency and access to information, we are calling for Council to convene a formal representative body, such as a Citizens’ commission, comprised of a broad array of stakeholders, who can advise and assist City Council in exercising review and oversight over the School District of Philadelphia.

Sign the petition today to support the establishment of a Citizens' Commission on Education!

This petition has a goal of 500 signatures
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Number Date Name Location How could a Citizens' ...
248 1 year ago Marcie Lichtman-Lentz Philadelphia, PA
247 1 year ago Karen Faulkner Philadelphia, PA
246 1 year ago Daniel Piotrowski Philadelphia , PA
245 1 year ago Adam Eyring Philadelphia, PA
244 1 year ago Lynda Rubin Philadelphia, PA By expanding the voices of parents, students, teachers and those who value the integrity of a quality public education system in Philadelphia to prepare our youth for citizenship and a thriving econ...
243 1 year ago Gerald Brennian Philadelphia, PA
242 1 year ago Anton Austin Philadelphia , PA It should help ensure that citizen input was considered in decision making and not just collected because of a mandate.
241 1 year ago Ken Pezanowski Philadelphia, PA
240 1 year ago Robert Pistilli Philadelphia, PA
239 1 year ago Kirby Bell Philadelphia, PA
238 1 year ago Paul Nasuti Philadelphia, PA
237 1 year ago Marie Fitzpatrick Philadelphia, PA
236 1 year ago Kristen Poole Philadelphia, PA
235 1 year ago John Ascenzi Philadelphia, PA
234 1 year ago Esther Wyss-Flamm Philadelphia, PA
233 1 year ago David Dillard Philadelphia, PA
232 1 year ago CHEN-YUAN KAO Philadelphia, PA
231 1 year ago James Orr Philadelphia, PA To make sure education priorities do not get lost in politics.
230 1 year ago Aviva Joffe Philadelphia, PA
229 1 year ago David Clowney Philadelphia, PA An effective, non-partisan channel for input from parents, teachers, community members and others about what is needed and what actually works.
228 1 year ago John Comella Philadelphia, PA Hopefully, they would ensure that the priorities would be set correctly and implemented.
227 1 year ago Miriam Oppenheimer Philadelphia, PA more funding for smaller classes. Class size is so important!
226 1 year ago Tenley Bank Phila, PA
225 1 year ago Nancy Megley Philadelphia, PA
224 1 year ago Ron Lane Philadelphia, PA
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