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Call now or it will be too late

By mid-day TODAY, Thursday, December 17th, leaders of the State House will make a decision about whether or not there are enough votes in the House to pass a budget that will properly fund schools, invest in human services, and close the deficit.

Please take two minutes RIGHT NOW and call your state representative to say the House must pass a budget that funds education and invests in Pennsylvania's children. When you call tell your lawmaker:

  • The budget impasse that has caused so much pain must come to an end, and we need a budget that was worth the wait.
  • We need House members to vote for the compromise that has been supported by Senate Republicans and Governor Wolf.
  • Lawmakers must support a budget that includes reasonable revenue, including necessary taxes, to provide an increase of $350 million in school funding, to ensure adequate funding for human services, and to close the deficit.

There will not be another chance before the holidays for lawmakers to pass a budget that invests in our schools. 

It is OK to send an email, too, but your phone call will make the biggest difference.


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