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New name, same bad charter bill--Tell your lawmakers to oppose HB 1606 and HB 530

State lawmakers, who have failed to provide our public schools with the critical funding they need to educate our children, are now moving charter school legislation that would make PA's charter school law even WORSE than it already. 
HB 530 is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It is NOT a genuine effort to improve the quality of education children in the Commonwealth receive, but instead, a massive giveaway to charter schools that would damage school districts throughout the Commonwealth and undermine the quality of education children in all schools receive 
HB 530 would strip control from local communities that pay charter school tuition bills and allow for the unfettered expansion of charter schools without any fiscal or quality controls.
HB would make charter schools even LESS accountable than they are now by creating a separate evaluation system for charter and cyber charter schools. School districts would ONLY be able to use these criteria when authorizing a new charter or assessing an existing charter.
HB 530 stacks the statewide Charter School Appeal Board in favor of charters by including two additional charter school members.
HB 530 is terrible legislation. It is a massive giveaway to special interests that does NOTHING to fix existing flaws in the current charter law. Instead HB 530 would create massive new costs for local communities through unfettered, unchecked charter school expansion into communities throughout the Commonwealth.
Contact your state lawmakers and Governor Wolf TODAY and tell them to oppose this terrible legislation. 


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