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Contact your lawmakers now! Bad charter legislation will move on Monday.

Lawmakers are expected to vote terrible charter legislation, HB 530, out of committee on Monday. It would then just need a vote in the House and a concurrence vote in the Senate before going to Governor Wolf for his signature.

HB 530 fails to address financial transparency and accountability issues in the current law that allow charter operators to siphon money away from schools and into their pockets out of the public eye.
HB 530 allows charters to continue to reap more than $100 million in profits off overpayments for students with disabilties every year.
HB 530 fails to protect taxpayers and strips control from local communities by enabling the expansion of charter schools with less accountability and without the approval of local school boards.
Tell your state senator, representative, and Governor Wolf to oppose HB 530.
Pennsylvanians don't need lawmakers to sneak through terrible legislation in the last few days of the legislative session. We need real charter school reform that will fix the flaws in the current law, protect taxpayers and strengthen public education.


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