June budget update and action links

We need the State Senate to put a better formula and more funding in the budget.  The responsible thing to do is chart a course to restore the near-$1 billion in cuts over three years at $270 million per year. The Senate can help get things on the right track.

What can possibly impact the Senate this year?  YOU!  Over the past 2 years, the Senate (people from both parties) has played a critical role in getting money back into the budget for public education.  They heard us.  As we enter this final stretch of the 2013-14 budget discussions, it is critical that parents, voters, taxpayers, community members make one more push to ensure that our elected officials in Harrisburg are paying attention to input from real people. 

Send your elected officials an email right now and then plan to make a follow up call on Monday, June 10th – remember it just takes 10 minutes to make a difference!

(Please feel free to personalize the letter and/or subject line for your email! Personalizing is a good way to let legislators know we are paying attention). 

THEN, please call your elected officials to check in with them.  This personal contact can have a powerful impact at this point - so add your voice to the effort to speak up for a better budget for Pennsylvania.