Please support SB 1316/HB 2138, the special education accountability and reform bill

Take Action to Support Fair Funding for Students with Special Needs

A bi-partisan group of PA lawmakers recognized the way Pennsylvania pays for special education services is broken and unfair. A commission was convened and members spent months traveling throughout the commonwealth to meet with parents of children with special needs and other stakeholders. The result of their hard work is a new, thoroughly-planned and fair system for funding special education in Pennsylvania.  

Unfortunately, all of the work to develop this common sense legislation could unravel. Because Pennsylvania doesn't have a fair funding formula, right now some of the money that should go to pay for special education services is being used for general funding in some charter schools.

That needs to change.

With scarce resources, all special education funding must be delivered fairly and used carefully, for special education services.

Contact your state senator and representative TODAY and urge them to support fair funding for students with special needs.