Thank Secretary Duncan and Attorney General Holder for standing up for fair school discipline!

We know school discipline practices are all too often unfair, counterproductive, and discriminatory. More than 3 million students were suspended in the 2009-10 school year, often for minor, non-violent misbehaviors, with Black and Latino students disproportionately punished. 

Thanks to the tireless work of advocates across the country, the Federal government is taking strong action.

Yesterday, the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice jointly released landmark policy guidelines on stopping discrimination in school discipline.

This guidance, the very first of its kind at the federal level, provides thirteen concrete action steps schools should take: from keeping police out of minor infractions, to integrating social and emotional learning into the curriculum, to creating an overall positive climate throughout the school.

These groundbreaking federal guidelines are the kind of support and leadership from Washington DC we all want to see more of.

Please join us in saying "thanks" to Secretary Duncan, Attorney General Holder and their staff for taking a strong stand against the school-to-prison pipeline!

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