Tell Betsy DeVos: Privatization is Killing Our Public Schools

Open Letter to Betsy DeVos: Add Your Voice

Betsy DeVos, Secretary, U.S. Department of Education

Dear Secretary DeVos,

When you took the oath of office to become the Secretary of Education, you were pledging to be the Secretary for all of us, and to dedicate yourself and your staff to improving our nation’s system of public schools. While you are certainly not the people’s choice, you are nevertheless in this role and it is incumbent on us to hold you accountable.

It must be said, in no uncertain terms, that we stand in opposition to your budget proposals and that of Donald Trump and The Republicans. Instead of cuts we want:

    1. Full funding for public schools. Pubic schools do well when they are well resourced.
    2. No vouchers—This is a failed approach and one that many people oppose.
    3. No expansion of charter industry—More charters are not the answer. Many of them fail to deliver.
    4. An end to the school-to-prison pipeline—what we are doing to Black and Brown children is awful and racist.

Your budget proposal calls for billions of dollars in cuts to critical programs that support low-income children and students of color. You propose eliminating federal funds for after-school programs, school climate and anti-bullying initiatives. You are calling for cuts to funds that support homeless children. Your budget would cause hundreds, maybe thousands of teachers to be laid off.

Your Office of Civil Rights has been hamstrung in their ability to root out systemic racism, and you have rescinded regulations that were essential for protecting Black and Brown students, LGBT students and children with disabilities.

Secretary DeVos, you do not step up for our children by promoting “choice.” Vouchers do not serve our children—indeed historically they have been an expression of white supremacy…of segregation.

Despite your comments this week regarding the horrific events in Charlottesville, the policies you are pushing are the very tools of the racist agenda you condemn. We do not buy it.

In signing this letter I call on you to do right by our children.

I also sign as a public and bold commitment to fight your racist agenda every step of the way.


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