We Still Need Medicare for All!

The Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act--including the individual mandate to purchase private health insurance.

Even with the mandate, the ACA leaves at least 26 million people uninsured, fails to reduce healthcare costs, and keeps multimillion dollar for-profit private insurance companies up and running (who will undoubtedly find ways to weasel out of any positive aspects of the ACA).

Since the ACA is clearly a flawed law, let's focus on expanding and improving what we already know works: Medicare.

Send an email to Congress and the President with the following message: We're not done yet! The Affordable Care Act leaves millions of people uninsured and does nothing to reduce costs. Medicare is loved, cost-effective and should be improved and expanded to cover everyone under a national, single-payer healthcare system.

To be more effective, call Congress after you send an email.