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Sign our petition supporting HR 676, the "Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act." We will deliver these signatures to Congress to show the widespread support for single-payer healthcare.

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Whereas: We spend over $2.3 trillion, or $7,500 per capita, for healthcare in the US, yet 42 percent of people under 65 have inadequate or no insurance coverage;

Whereas: The healthcare coverage in the United States is ranked #37 in the world by the World Health Organization and yet we spend almost twice as much as any other country, enough to cover everybody with excellent comprehensive healthcare;

Whereas: A bill has been proposed in Congress, HR-676, non-profit Medicare for All, that outlines a national healthcare program that will provide guaranteed, comprehensive, and affordable quality healthcare and prescription drugs to everyone in the country;

Whereas: Over 59 percent of physicians now support a national, single-payer health insurance system for everyone;

Whereas: HR 676 has been endorsed by 558 union organizations in 49 states including 130 Central Labor Councils and Area Labor Federations and 39 state AFL-CIO’s;

Whereas: Under this proposed plan, we can pay for a comprehensive national health care program with the same money we are now spending by removing insurance companies — and cover every single person in the United States;

And Whereas: The bill provides money for retraining and giving priority to those whose jobs as administrators in the insurance industry would be lost as a result of this shift;

Be it Resolved That: We call on our members of Congress to pass HR 676, non-profit Medicare for All, so our people and our nation can have the excellent healthcare system we deserve. Healthcare is a human right, and we call on our members of Congress to recognize that right.
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9575 Mon Nov 24 08:37:21 EST 2014 Jessica Lawson Yes, it's embarrassing that we come in 37th. It's time to change.
People shouldn't go bankrupt because of medical bills. People shouldn't get neglected because of a "pre-existing condition". More....
9574 Fri Nov 21 23:06:49 EST 2014 Chelsy Nicholson FREE HEALTH CARE FREE HEALTH CARE FREE HEALTH CARE!! !!!!!!!!!
9573 Fri Nov 21 23:06:49 EST 2014 Chelsy Nicholson FREE HEALTH CARE FREE HEALTH CARE FREE HEALTH CARE!! !!!!!!!!!
9572 Fri Nov 21 17:13:11 EST 2014 Anonymous I just want to say publicly that as an American citizen I refuse to respect any law that forces me, under threat of Government penalty, to engage as a consumer in a business transaction with ANY nongovernmental More....
9571 Fri Nov 21 00:42:56 EST 2014 Anonymous
9570 Thu Nov 20 13:53:56 EST 2014 kelly haskell I think this would put the USA back in the ranks with all the other modern countries, instead of ranking 23rd on the list of better healthcare for their citizens.
9569 Thu Nov 20 10:09:35 EST 2014 James Mansfield This will be great for the people!
9568 Thu Nov 20 10:00:40 EST 2014 Anonymous
9567 Wed Nov 19 20:50:25 EST 2014 Lynn Gedeon We need a simple single payer system of health insurance!! No one should have to spend $14,000 year on health insurance!
9566 Wed Nov 19 19:58:39 EST 2014 Anonymous
9565 Wed Nov 19 10:23:51 EST 2014 Deborah Mathiowetz I have insurance and still cannot afford health care or necessary medications.
9564 Wed Nov 19 07:02:20 EST 2014 Lawrence Scheer
9563 Wed Nov 19 04:40:11 EST 2014 Anonymous I am an American citizen living in Canada.
9562 Tue Nov 18 23:58:22 EST 2014 Benjamin Ettori
9561 Tue Nov 18 23:43:18 EST 2014 dana wilson
9560 Tue Nov 18 23:32:31 EST 2014 Anonymous
9559 Tue Nov 18 23:16:42 EST 2014 Robert Michel
9558 Tue Nov 18 23:07:38 EST 2014 Anonymous
9557 Tue Nov 18 19:37:51 EST 2014 Anonymous
9556 Tue Nov 18 19:35:39 EST 2014 Terry Flowers HR 676 = health care freedom, justice and equality
9555 Tue Nov 18 15:01:47 EST 2014 Mary Simmons
9554 Tue Nov 18 12:50:38 EST 2014 Julian burgoff
9553 Tue Nov 18 12:40:57 EST 2014 Tod Gilmore
9552 Tue Nov 18 12:30:41 EST 2014 Bruce Eggum
9551 Tue Nov 18 12:28:20 EST 2014 John Oldham I'm afraid to go to the dr. my sister has not enough money to take so they don't take any. I have a little money so I get bills I don't even see coming. I make my co-pay and still get bills, sometimes More....
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