July 30th, 2011 – Medicare Turns 46!

Medicare is the Solution… Not the Problem!


Medicare is a the nation’s most popular social program. It has been working to provide those 65 and over, those with disabilities and certain medical conditions, with access to comprehensive healthcare without fear of bankruptcy.

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Despite years of success, opponents to making healthcare a public good are seeking to privatize and cut Medicare, along with Medicaid and Social Security.

Now is the time to organize against these attacks and in support of the solution to our healthcare crisis: Medicare for all.

A Medicare for all system will provide universal, equitable healthcare that actually saves money. Our allies at Physicians for a National Health Program estimate a savings of $400 billion dollars a year by eliminating the wasteful, greedy private health insurance companies in a single-payer 'Medicare for all' system.

We need you to join us and stand up for the right to healthcare!

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