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Reflecting on Peacebuilding Evaluation Interview Series
Reflecting on the Past; Envisioning the Future

Photo by Robert Beideman

Dear Supporter,

Over the past several months we've been asking leaders in peacebuilding DM&E to reflect on camera on the progress our field has made over the past ten years. 

In this interview, Rob Ricigliano, author of Making Peace Last: A Toolbox for Sustainable Peacebuilding, praises the progress we've made in moving from the measurement of inputs and outputs to capturing outcomes. He challenges practitioners, academics, evaluators and donors alike to strengthen efforts to understand systemic impacts and the relationship between individual projects and the local context and conflict systems.

You can watch a preview of the completed interviews with Rob Ricigliano, Tom Bamat and Mohammed Abu-Nimer here.

About the Series

In the Reflecting on Peacebuilding Evaluation Series, we have captured the views of thought leaders in design, monitoring and evaluation of peacebuilding on how much our field has developed over the last 10 years, the challenges that remain and practical ways in which they might be overcome.

When we talk about the current state of DM&E in the peacebuilding field, we often lament the fact that we do not have an established evidence base of what works, and that our methodological approaches are still not as sophisticated as other disciplines such as health or education.

Clearly there is still much to be done. But when one is grappling with the day-to-day challenges, the difficulties can seem insurmountable. A long-term view, however, suggests that progress has indeed been made and we are becoming more rigorous in our approaches and more effective in capturing results.

Stay tuned for more interviews, including:

  • Rob Ricigliano, Author, Making Peace Last: A Toolbox for Sustainable Peacebuilding
  • Tom Bamat, Senior Advisor for Justice & Peace at Catholic Relief Services
  • Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Director, Center for Peacebuilding and Development at American University
  • Diana Chigas, Co-Director, Reflecting on Peace Practice Project at CDA, Inc.
  • Sharon Morris, Director, Youth and Conflict Management Team at Mercy Corps
  • John Paul Lederach, Professor of International Peacebuilding, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame
  • And many more!

The interviews will be released on a month-by-month basis over the next year, beginning with the reflections of Rob Ricigliano, author of Making Peace Last: A Toolbox for Sustainable Peacebuilding.

We hope these interviews will help stimulate creative discussion, and more importantly, action on addressing the many challenges that remain in the design, monitoring and evaluation of peacebuilding.

Best Regards,

Nick Oatley, Director, Institutional Learning at Search for Common Ground

Jonathan White, Learning Portal Content Manager at Search for Common Ground

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