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Learning Portal for Design, Monitoring,
and Evaluation for Peacebuilding
Introducing Bookmarks Feature!
Save Your Favorite Resources for Later!

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Dear Supporter,

I am thrilled to introduce a new function on the Learning Portal for DM&E for Peacebuilding: Bookmarks. This new function will allow you to bookmark your favorite resources for more convenient and quicker access to the information you need!

A few months ago we circulated a short survey to gauge your opinions of the Learning Portal. Several of you highlighted the need for quicker and easier access to key resources. Well, we heard you, and we believe the new Bookmarks feature will make your life much easier when attempting to access material on the Learning Portal.

Using the new function is as easy as one-two-three. On every document page there is now a button called "Bookmark this". Simply click this button and the document page will be saved to your personalized Bookmarks section!

Happy reading!


Jonathan White, Learning Portal Content Manager at Search for Common Ground

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Check out our interview with Rob Ricigliano, author of Making Peace Last: A Toolbox for Sustainable Peacebuilding on the need for systemic M&E!
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Understanding Evaluation Terminology
Sadly, there seems to be minimal awareness of what key evaluatino terminologies actually mean.
DM&E Tip: Qualities of 'Good' and 'Evaluable' Theories of Change
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Theories of Change in Peacebuilding
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Learning Portal for Design, Monitoring,
and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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