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Learning Portal for Design, Monitoring,
and Evaluation for Peacebuilding
M&E for Governance, Voice and Accountability Work
How to measure and evaluate accountability in governance?

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This week on the Learning Portal we explore the intersections of peacebuilding and governance & accountability work. What does it mean to hold someone to account, and how does one measure accountability given different cultural and policy definitions? What are the key considerations when evaluating this type of work? Join the conversation now!

Building sustainable peace in developing and post-conflict contexts is an increasingly complex and inter-disciplinary task. Traditional peacebuilding and conflict transformation work--mediation, capacity development, nonviolent change, etc.--frequently overlaps, coincides and compliments traditional development and governance activities--insitution strengthening, citizen empowerment, equitable development, etc.

But how should accountability be understood in the context of peacebuilding? And what existing evaluative frameworks exist to assess such work?

Join the conversation now!


Jonathan White, Learning Portal Content Manager at Search for Common Ground

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