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Learning Portal for Design, Monitoring,
and Evaluation for Peacebuilding
Actionable M&E Systems
Key Considerations and Resources for Individuals and Organizations

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Dear Supporter,

This week on the Learning Portal we explore the development of actionable monitoring and evaluation systems. How does an organization, or individual, set up actionable M&E systems - what is involved? And what resources exist to support the development of such systems? Join the conversation now!

Many organizations seem to be going through a review process of existing M&E systems, or are setting systems up for the first time. And this is no easy task.

Thankfully, there are a whole range of excellent resources to support your efforts. But there is often more to an M&E system than just M&E: it is also about establishing a learning and evidence-based culture.

Join the conversation now!


Jonathan White, Learning Portal Content Manager at Search for Common Ground

Reflecting on Peacebuilding Evaluation: Tom Bamat, Catholic Relief Services
Look for our reflective interview with Tom Bamat, Senior Technical Advisor for Justice & Peace at Catholic Relief Services, next week on the Learning Portal!
The "Real Book" for Story Evaluation Methods
A collection of narratives to illustrate some no-so-obvious lessons from Global Giving's ongoing storytelling projec tin Kenya.
EQUAL Guide on Gender Mainstreaming
Gender mainstreaming is not optional. It cannot be something you simply 'add-on' to a program: it should be a guiding principle...
Gender Guidelines: Peacebuilding
This implementation note provides guidance on how AusAid partners can address gender in peacebuilding activities.
DM&E Tip: Actionable Measurement in M&E Systems
This framework for actionable measurement is formed when design heirarchy is combined with...
Developing Actionable M&E Systems
The World Bank has two terrific, comprehensive how-to guides for establishing M&E systems and 'making them work'...
DM&E Tip: Indicators for Governance, Voice and Accountability
...Accountability requires empowerment--of citizens, civil society, and the private sector--which is composed of agency and an enabling environment...

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Learning Portal for Design, Monitoring,
and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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