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Learning Portal for Design, Monitoring,
and Evaluation for Peacebuilding
Learning in Evaluation
Reasserting the learning perogative

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Dear Supporter,

This week on the Learning Portal we explore the ways in which learning from evaluation in peacebuilding and conflict transformation is being reasserted. Join the conversation now!

Organizations are implementing projects to change evaluation dynamics in our field, and the role of evaluation methods that support learning, such as meta-evaluation and thematic evaluation, are increasingly being explored.

How does your organization learn from evaluation? And have you considered using meta or thematic evaluation to support targeted learning on a specific issue, subject or theme? Join the conversation now!


Jonathan White, Learning Portal Content Manager at Search for Common Ground

DM&E Resource Utility Survey
The authors of Designing for Results: Integrating Monitoring and Evaluation in Conflict Transformation Activities want to know, what is the quality of existing DM&E for peacebuilding resources?
The Five Stages of External Evaluation
This document has two sections: Part I explains terminology and principles of evaluation, and Part II provides a good understanding of the five stages of external evaluation.
Guidance for Designing, Monitoring and Evaluating Peacebuilding Projects using Theories of Change
This document emerges from the efforts of peacebuilders who field tested the processes herein to define and assess the changes to which they hoped to contribute.
A Practical Guide to Strategic Impact Assessment for Enterprise Development
This paper provides a methodological framework for assessing the poverty impact of strategic level interventions for enterprise development.
DM&E Tip: Key Informant Interviews
There are three types of key informant interviews: structured, semi-structured, and unstructured.
Reasserting Learning in Peacebuilding Evaluation
Making evaluation reports public unleashes the possibility of the generation of knowledge from individual pieces of data. To possible activities are thematic evaluation and meta-evaluation.
DM&E Tip: Issues in Impact Evaluation
Despite the belief that quantitative and cause-effect questions are generally believed to add rigor to an evaluation, sometimes this may not necessarily be the case.

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Learning Portal for Design, Monitoring,
and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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