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Exploring Notions of Accountability in Peacebuilding
Who are we accountable to, and how?

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This week on the Learning Portal we explore the concept of accountability in peacebuilding: how is accountability defined and operationalized in our practices? Who are we holding ourselves accountable to, and why?

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A common discussion in international development circles, the fields of peacebuilding and conflict transformation have yet to fully grapple with the depth and complexity of accountability and its implications, both for programming and its evaluation, and organizational structures. In part, this is because there is still an ongoing debate on the intended purpose of evaluation—a critical component in accountability: is it about accountability (and if so, to whom and why?), learning (for whom, on what?), or simply the justification of continued funding?

How can accountability to beneficiaries be better conceptualized and operationalized in our practice of peacebuilding? There is no one answer, and the range of ways in which organizations currently engage beneficiaries for accountability purposes can enrich both the field-wide discussion that needs to happen and the potential ways forward.

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Jonathan White, Learning Portal Content Manager at Search for Common Ground

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