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The network for peacebuilding evaluation monthly newsletter - April 2015

Welcome to the Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation (NPE) monthly newsletter. We are excited to offer this monthly digest of news and conversations on evaluation for our growing NPE community. For more information about the NPE click here

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Alliance for Peacebuilding’s Annual Conference: If you were to tune in to any major media network, you would be inundated with reports of violence and instability all over the world.  What is the peacebuilding community doing about it?  In May, Alliance for Peacebuilding held its annual conference at USIP and sought to answer this question, and to ask what can the peacebuilding community be doing better?   Alliance for Peacebuilding’s conference provided an important space for discussion in a truly turbulent time and inspired some of our featured readings below. Read our Top 3 DME takeaways and watch the USIP broadcast of the first day here.  


Sri Lanka Evaluation Association Conference: The Sri Lanka Evaluation Association is holding its 5th biennial conference in Colombo from 15-18 September 2015. EvalYear will also be celebrated at the parliament of Sri Lanka. The Association is currently calling for papers for the conference.  Submit your paper and find out more information here!


Free Training on M&E Fundamentals: Just a reminder, Measure Evaluation is offering free courses in English, en Francais, y Español on M&E fundamentals as well as other topics.  Find out more about these courses here! Also check out My M&E’s elearning courses available here. Great resources for all levels of evaluators!


WHAT are we READING (And Watching)?  


Identifying, Measuring and Regulating the Psychological Biases that Contribute to Political Violence: In this paper, Dr. Bruneau of MIT highlights some of the best‐categorized psychological biases that may help drive inter‐group hostility and prevent the resolution of intractable conflicts, how biases can potentially be reduced with positive interventions, and finally how promising new technology (e.g. functional neuroimaging) might help us to better understand the cognitive underpinnings of unconscious psychological biases. Read the article here. Read more about Dr. Bruneau’s work on the intersection of neuroscience and peacebuilding here.


Challenges that Complexity poses for Monitoring and Evaluation and Systemic Thinking as a Means to Cope: This webinar, given by Ricardo Wilson-Grau, explores the subject of complexity and systems thinking with clients who engage him to support them in developing monitoring (or M&E) mechanisms or to evaluate their work. This is part of a webinar series inspired by the Dynamical Systems Theory Innovation Lab and Hosted by Dr. Glenda Eoyang of Human Systems Dynamics Institute. Check out the webinar here.




Everyday Peace Indicators: Including Hard to Reach Populations in International Peacebuilding Efforts: On May 7th, Dr. Pamina Firchow gave a great presentation on the Everyday Peace Indicators Project, a project aimed at creating alternative, bottom-up indicators of peace.  The project seeks to address the limitations of existing approaches to measuring peace and reconciliation, as well as limitations in evaluation practices.  Watch the presentation here!


Intractable Peacebuilding: Evaluating a Generation of Work across the Israeli-Palestinian Divide: Can grassroots and civil society peacebuilding succeed if there is no parallel progress at the political level? On May 21st, Dr. Ned Lazarus presented key findings and evidence from his experience in evaluating over 50 Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding initiatives.  Join the discussion and watch the presentation here!



Stay tuned!  Our next Thursday Talk will be announced soon on the Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation.


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The Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation (NPE) bridges the work of researchers in academic settings, professional evaluators, and peacebuilding practitioners in the field. Our goal is to build upon the advances of the peacebuilding evaluation field and facilitate the creation and the use of appropriate, innovative and effective tools. NPE hosts a popular Thursday Talk series, which are reflective discussions between funders, implementers, and evaluation specialists on important issues within the field.  Made possible by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, NPE is a core part of the Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium

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