Efficiency First

Efficiency Kansas Funding -- Customer Letter

The State of Kansas has asked the United States Department of Energy to approve transferring American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds AWAY from the Efficiency Kansas program.

That means Kansans interested in getting the attractive-rate financing that Efficiency Kansas provides may be out of luck after the program funds run out.

Make your voice heard -- if you've already gotten an Efficiency Kansas-backed loan or if you were looking at participating in the program, now is the time to contact Kansas officials and members of Congress to protect Efficiency Kansas funding.

In your letter, make sure to:

  • Ask them to protect Efficiency Kansas's ARRA funding.
  • Mention if you have benefited from the Efficiency Kansas program (and how).
  • Mention if you have been thinking about getting an energy efficiency retrofit through the Efficiency Kansas program -- and that taking funds away would make it more difficult.
  • Say how important it is that the Efficiency Kansas program continue.