Efficiency First

Tell the Senate to Pass HOME STAR

Last week the U.S. Senate began considering a legislative package targeting job creation in the small business sector. We believe that the proposed HOME STAR energy retrofit program - with over 1,500 small businesses as part of the Home Star Coalition -- should be a part of this important legislation.

CALL AND EMAIL your senators in support of including HOME STAR in the Small Business Jobs Bill.

  • >>Enter your zip code below to view the phone numbers for your senators' offices
  • >>Call your senators, and use the talking points below to state your support for HOME STAR
  • >>See the e-mail template, and add something personal about your business, then click, "Send your message."

Here's what to mention when you call your senators' offices:

Say your name and affiliation, and let them know you are a constituent. Then ask for the senator to support the amendment to add HOME STAR to the Small Business Jobs Bill, and to encourage Senate leaders to allow this amendment to be considered. Tell them that HOME STAR is a triple win for the U.S. Economy:

  • >It puts the hardest hit industries back to work—thousands of small construction-related businesses stand to benefit from Home Star incentives—especially as we near the fall retrofit season.
  • >It saves money for homeowners on energy bills
  • >It contributes to energy independence and significant reductions in carbon emissions