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Keep ENERGY STAR in Home Performance

Since the national Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program launched ten years ago, home performance companies and local/state programs around the country have invested millions in seeing the brand succeed.

But now that the national program is being moved from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the Department of Energy (DOE), there's a chance the ENERGY STAR name might be dropped.

Since with move to DOE was announced, home performance companies have weighed in, asking for the ENERGY STAR brand to remain -- it's the most recognizable brand in energy efficiency, and a branding change now would cause disruption in an already fragile economic environment.

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Dear Secretary Chu and Administrator Jackson,

We are writing to express concern over the announced plans to eliminate the federal ENERGY STAR brand for use in residential retrofit programs.

Efficiency First represents home performance companies from across the United States. Our member companies work with homeowners every day, educating them about energy efficiency and installing energy efficiency upgrades. Our members – and their customers – know ENERGY STAR as the best recognized brand in the energy efficiency industry. What’s more, many of our member companies participate in sponsored programs affiliated with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR brand. These companies -- as well as local and state programs -- have invested millions of dollars in establishing the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR brand in the market, and removing the ENERGY STAR brand would be a significant setback. We urge the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency to continue your collaboration on this matter and work together ensure that the ENERGY STAR brand continues to be associated with energy efficiency retrofits and improvements to homes.

When DOE/EPA announced plans to consolidate whole house energy efficiency programs and house them at DOE, your staffs said that the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR brand would be discontinued. Since then, after home performance companies expressed broad opposition to any change, we have heard that existing programs will be allowed to retain the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR name.

We believe that both of these approaches – the complete discontinuation of the brand AND an attempt to “split the difference” are mistakes. Leveraging the popular ENERGY STAR brand has been a benefit for companies selling home performance services, and a consistent national name is key to the program’s chance for success. Some companies feel strongly about the importance of preserving the entire Home Performance with ENERGY STAR name, while others are open to other variations built around the ENERGY STAR brand. But the overall message we have received from our members on this issue has been loud and clear: This is not the time to launch an entirely new brand for home performance services.

In times like these, we hope DOE and EPA will work together to find creative solutions that promote and not disrupt industry growth. Removing the ENERGY STAR brand from home performance programs would put up more hurdles to all of our efforts aimed at making America’s home more energy efficient. We ask that you address this issue promptly with your staffs, and act now to ensure that home performance programs – both existing and new – will be able to continue using the ENERGY STAR brand.

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