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Member Highlight: Building the Market for EE in Arizona


Today we are showcasing Jerry Lawrence, who is the Education Director at ThermalStar and sits on the Board of Directors of Efficiency First Arizona (EFAZ).  Jerry has been in the home performance industry for over 5 years and helps his company fill the roles of active training provider, supplier and general industry supporter.   

1. What is ThermalStar working on right now?

We moved our offices from Tucson to Phoenix in late 2013 and have been enjoying the “big city”. We are busy getting established as the go-to resource for the HP industry for training needs (certifications & recerts), supplies (grill mask tape), job referrals and general assistance to the industry.

2. Why did you become a member of EFAZ?  

We established the AZ chapter because we saw a need to organize the HP community into a cohesive voice on some of the issues and relationships they were dealing with.  We needed communication and advocacy with the utility companies and EnergyStar program manag
ement groups and AZ Corporation Commission (controls the EE industry in AZ).

3. How did you get involved with EFAZ?  What have you enjoyed? 

Called Coby (COO of Efficiency First) and inquired about an AZ chapter. We discussed creating one since it did not exist yet. 
I have enjoyed meeting more of the contractors and related parties in the industry, and helping them feel like they had a voice and some clout to respond to issues facing their livelihood.

4. What do you look forward to when meetings/events are coming up?

Look forward to more members and committees taking over the responsibilities of creating the meetings and events!

5. In what ways is EFAZ beneficial to your current business? 

It has made more people aware of our training services and products, raised our profile in the business community and opened doors to related opportunities.

6. In what ways is EFAZ beneficial to the Arizona HP industry? 

I believe it is going to save the AZ HP industry. We appear to have come together just in time to stand up and represent this industry to the powers that be.  The decision makers at AZ Corp Commission who control the state energy policy had never heard from anyone actually in the HP business- the creators of local jobs and performance improvements for ratepayers.

7. What's been most rewarding for you personally about getting engaged with EFAZ? 

The success and growth of the group and the appreciation we continue to get from the HP community.

Contact Efficiency First Arizona at (480) 636- 7375 

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