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Member Highlight: Building the Market for EE in Arizona


Today we are showcasing Brice Fawley of Weatherwize Building Performance Specialists, LLC, and Arizona SkyShades. Brice has been in the home performance industry for over 6 years.  He holds the roll of Senior Auditor at Weatherwize and helped launch its Arizona SkyShades spin off over three years ago.

1. What are you working on right now?
Arizona SkyShades –see review.  Our shades allow buildings to take advantage of the daylight concept that skylights provide but drops the heat gain they cause by up to 80%. 

We incorporated two skylights with our shades into the Foundation for Senior Living’s testing facility so that we could test different prototypes and monitor the results.  Within the first six months the shades saved about $5000.00. After two years of testing, we are now a trade alliance partner and fall under custom measures rebate program.

2. Why did you become a member of EFAZ?  
I was a founding member when we tried to start a chapter over three years ago.  At the time, our home performance contractors were competing with one another instead of working together to share.  Jerry approached me about restarting a chapter, and then Heather joined - -“where did she come from, holy crap”! We made sure that Heather wasn’t going anywhere. 

3. How did you get involved with EFAZ?  What have you enjoyed? 
I sat on the side until I realized that this time around we had something good.  Once I knew the chapter was going to stick I thought, “Oh man, I am in”.

I have enjoyed the chapter’s progress and the people.  The people involved are actually concerned about the EE/HP industry. The people are in it for the industry.

4. What do you look forward to when meetings/events are coming up?
Community.  The members are seriously interested in making sure the chapter moves forward and that we branch out to be successful.  We added commercial and industrial into our scope and brainstorm on what we can do better -not just EFAZ and not just the industry. They are now synonymous.

5. In what ways is EFAZ beneficial to your current business? 
One hand washes the other. The chapter is getting more involved in commercial and industrial efforts, and EFAZ in promoting AZ SkyShades.

6. In what ways is EFAZ beneficial to the Arizona HP industry?
It is the voice of the industry.  Not a one sided voice, but a voice for the consumers.

We are making a name for ourselves as the go-to to get a straight answer on state energy efficiency issues and stand up to the other guys. We have a lot of politics going on right now in Arizona.  We were able to stand up to the Arizona Corporation Commission and catch them off guard.  We have been able to get our message across to the Commission, “you are not speaking for the bigger picture, for the greater good”.

AZ is very conservative. The only way to get people to recognize what is going on is to get people to stand up and say “wait a minute”. EFAZ has been able to do that. 

We are helping people become more energy efficient and educating folks.  My biggest pet peeve is the lack of consumer education. We cannot count on anyone else to educate the people and let them know what is going on, so that is what EFAZ is going to do.

7. What's been most rewarding for you personally about getting engaged with EFAZ? 
Promoting EE in Arizona, and being able to do it in a productive, fun and exciting way while educating people at the same time. I Have been dubbed "the minister of fun".  We have already had one really good event.  We invited anybody that wanted to have fun, and the end result was that everyone perked up and said, wait a minute, these guys are for real!

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