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Earn Free EF Membership with The Home Depot Program

by Tom

The Home Depot has renewed its sponsorship of Efficiency First through a program that benefits Efficiency First and its members as well as U.S. Communities. Please register today at http://www.efficiencyfirst.org/homedepot/.

Participation in the program does not cost you anything and does not impact any other discounts or other benefits that currently receive from Home Depot. But participation can earn benefits such as free EF membership, HPC conference registration, and Home Energy Magazine subscription.

After you register, Home Depot will track your purchases for the year using the credit card that you associate with the Efficiency First code. At the end of the year, Home Depot will compile all purchases using the Efficiency First code and provide the association with rebate funds. These funds in turn enable us to provide more value and services to our members.

All companies who register for the program and have tracked spending over $30,000 at Home Depot during the 2017 calendar year will receive one year of free membership to Efficiency First. Those spending over $100,000 will earn free EF membership, one yearly subscription to Home Energy Magazine, AND paid registration for one person at a national or regional HPC conference of your choice. All participants will help earn funds for their state chapters. Please register today at www.efficiencyfirst.org/homedepot. 

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