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Scholarships for HPC Conference

by Tom Carter
Efficiency First has awarded scholarships to four members to attend the HPC National Conference and Trade Show in Philadelphia April 23-26. The scholarships cover the conference registration fee (priced at $875) plus $200 in travel expenses. The winners of the scholarships are:
  • Amoury Batista -- DeVere Home Performance
  • Eschelle Bialek -- American Energy Solutions
  • Ryan Gavin -- Willdan Energy Solutions
  • Karim Peoples -- Civic Works, Inc.
We hope to see you in Philadelphia. Please check out the Powered by Efficiency First sessions at https://www.eventscribe.com/2018/HPC/agenda.asp?BCFO2=EF&h=Powered%20by%20Efficiency%20First&SDDO=0



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