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The “too big to fail” banks got billions in bailouts but they still refuse to provide credit to small local businesses and farms.  An “Oregon State Bank” would keep the money that Oregonians pay in taxes and fees in Oregon, and that would allow community banks and credit unions to extend credit to those seeking to create jobs in Oregon.  Support Onward Oregon: sign our petition asking the 2011 Legislature to develop a State Bank that will put Oregon’s money to work for our state.

I support an Oregon State Bank. Oregon has been failed by the big out-of-state banks, and we need an alternative. Oregon businesses and farms need a stable source of credit, and Oregon’s government needs a bank that will use taxpayer money for Oregon’s economy, not for Wall Street profits. I urge the Oregon Legislature to develop a State Bank that will put Oregon’s money to work for our state.
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2381 Thu Dec 12 15:10:37 EST 2013 William Sylwester Eugene, OR The covert monopoly of resources and control of the direction of our country has resulted from the current Private Federal Reserve model, which is not only unconstitutional but one of our primary purposes More....
2380 Thu Nov 28 17:38:51 EST 2013 Donald Jacobs Beaverton, OR State needs to diversify . The Money. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Abolish the Federal Reserve . It was never voted for to begin with. It belongs to the US not the USA. Read what the Judges More....
2379 Thu Oct 17 16:44:13 EDT 2013 Scott Duncombe San Francisco, CA
2378 Tue Oct 08 02:32:06 EDT 2013 Rik Masterson Portland, OR
2377 Mon Oct 07 17:15:58 EDT 2013 Leslie Barnes Corvallis, OR Because I like Portland more than I do Manhattan!!!! :-)
2376 Mon Oct 07 17:13:22 EDT 2013 Jim Ruff Corvallis, OR I'm tired of paying interest on a debt to the Federal Reserve Corporation.
2375 Wed Sep 25 19:39:58 EDT 2013 Ric Frye Goldendale, WA Because State Banks just work better for people's financial needs.
2374 Thu Jul 25 18:16:55 EDT 2013 Lynne Urban Portland, OR It's just a darned good idea!
2373 Mon Jun 17 13:34:05 EDT 2013 Kathie Test Portland, OR
2372 Mon Apr 01 19:43:19 EDT 2013 David Bridgeman OR I support an Oregon state bank to return control and profit to the community level.
2371 Mon Apr 01 18:06:09 EDT 2013 Steven Wheeler Portland, OR Why should oregon be sending moeny to out-of-state banks? Let's operate a state-owned bank like they have in North Dakota. Seems like a grand way to help ourselves.
2370 Wed Jan 02 16:05:07 EST 2013 Nicholas Sweeney Portland, OR
2369 Wed Feb 29 14:18:10 EST 2012 Richard John Mann Portland, OR Save money - wealth
2368 Tue Jan 03 17:17:48 EST 2012 tom foeller Oak Grove, OR I think it would help keep money in the state, working for the state; help create new businesses and jobs; help finance worthy sustainable (social, economic & environmental) entities and initiatives; More....
2367 Sat Dec 10 03:49:54 EST 2011 Everett Jaros Portland, OR I believe a government should work in the interests of the people, not cater to the interests of powerful and/or external institutions. A state bank would be able to serve the financial and economic interests More....
2366 Mon Dec 05 23:32:43 EST 2011 Brian Nelson Beaverton, OR Let's truly support small businesses and the local communities of Oregon.
2365 Sat Dec 03 14:57:12 EST 2011 Nancy Webster OR Think Global. Buy Local.
Vote with your dollars.
Keep your money in your own community as much as possible.
2364 Fri Dec 02 18:21:18 EST 2011 Richard Webster Portland, OR It will support and grow our local economy. It will be a hedge against economic down turns (witness North Dakotas relative cruise through the present recession). Local funds can stay in the local More....
2363 Fri Nov 04 13:31:22 EDT 2011 Jaimee Mackinnon Oregon City, OR
2362 Fri Oct 21 01:51:19 EDT 2011 Raquel Miley OR
2361 Wed Oct 19 13:24:24 EDT 2011 William Edmund Lake Oswego, OR I have a small business and would like to hire employees and get a credit line for my business.
2360 Wed Oct 19 12:37:45 EDT 2011 Claudia SAGE BEAVERTON, OR So that the money can go to our local economy and support local business
2359 Wed Oct 19 11:17:55 EDT 2011 Jaimee Mackinnon Oregon City, OR
2358 Wed Oct 19 11:15:20 EDT 2011 Michael Harrison Portland, OR I am an owner of a new start up business
2357 Tue Oct 18 17:37:34 EDT 2011 Joyce Peters OR A State Bank will keep Oregon money working in and for Oregon!
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