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STOP Giving NYCHA Land To NYC's Real Gentrifiers

STOP Giving Away Public Land To Gentrifying Developers Like Don Capoccia

Don Capoccia has plowed through workers, communities, and homeowners to get what he wants: to develop housing that is unaffordable to the neighborhoods it's in.

Capoccia’s developments spurred a luxury boom in Brooklyn, turning Williamsburg and Downtown into areas that cater to newcomers who are more affluent and more white than previous residents. 

As the head of BFC Partners, Capoccia operates as an ‘affordable’ housing developer while fueling gentrification at every turn, building housing that largely doesn't match the need of the local community.

Publicly owned land, especially NYCHA land, is a valuable, scarce, and non-renewable resource. The City should not be turning the development rights over to for-profit developers like Capoccia, who have built their fortunes on the gentrification of New York City, and displacement of low-income families.

Tell the city administration to STOP making deals with Real Gentrifiers like Capoccia, and give all future NYCHA infill developments to non-profit developers with a track record of prioritizing affordability for low-income New Yorkers.

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