Take a Stand!

Make the Bedford Armory 100% Affordable!

Tell Council-member Laurie Cumbo to block the Bedford Union Armory rezoning and support 100% real affordable housing on this public land!

Crown Heights is ground zero in the fight against displacement and greedy real estate speculators.

The Bedford-Union Armory is public land and has the potential to create real affordable housing for local Crown Heights residents who risk being pushed out.

Councilmember Laurie Cumbo has the power to block the rezoning of the Bedford-Union Armory and support the creation of a community-led plan to develop 100% real affordable housing on this public land. She needs to act now before the rezoning process gets underway.

Right now, the de Blasio administration — led by Goldman Sachs alum and EDC Commissioner James Patchett — wants to rezone and privatize the Bedford Union Armory so a politically-connected developer, BFC Partners, can build 330 units of mostly luxury housing -- only 18 units of which will be affordable for Crown Heights residents. The developer also promises to build a recreation center, but has made no guarantee that it will accessible to local residents. Furthermore, BFC has made no commitment to create good union jobs for local residents on this project.

BFC is a notorious real estate speculator with a lengthy track record of harming tenants, workers and communities -- all in the name of developing "affordable" housing. To make things worse, BFC's principal Joseph Ferrara is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump.  

Public land like the Armory is a valuable public resource that should only be used for the public good -- not for the benefit of real estate speculators, especially not Trump supporters.