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Tell Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf:

Tell John Stumpf why we are coming!

Thousands of us are coming to the Wells-Fargo Shareholders Meeting on behalf of millions of homeowners in California and across the country that are facing the loss of their homes and their livelihoods because of the outrageous practices of Wall Street banks like Wells Fargo.  Their reckless behavior crashed the economy and has caused 11 million homeowners nationwide to become underwater.

As the nation’s largest mortgage servicer, and one of the banks that initiated and perpetrated widespread illegal and predatory practices against homeowners, Wells Fargo has a unique responsibility to lead the efforts to fix the housing crisis, rebuild the economy and restore Americans’ greatly diminished trust of the banking industry.

We are coming to demand justice for  the “Wells-Fargo 8”, whose lives have been turned upside down by the greed and irresponsible practices of Wells Fargo.  All have been mistreated by Wells-Fargo, and they are fighting for fair modifications with principal reduction so they can stay in their community and have an opportunity to live the American Dream.  Monica Kenney (pictured) was offered a forbearance agreement and her home was sold the next day.  Archbishop Franzo King was sold an illegal pick-a-pay loan and is staving off a foreclosure.  The rest of the Wells Fargo 8 are: Maria Villareal, Dexter Cato, Donna and Nuno Vieira, Victor Granada, Ernesto Viscarpa, and Alberto Del Rio

We demand that Wells Fargo initiate a widespread principal and interest reduction program that fixes all of its underwater mortgages and offers families sustainable monthly payments. Furthermore we demand that Wells Fargo stop all foreclosure and eviction proceedings for 9 months as the Attorneys General multi-state mortgage settlement is completed and relief reaches California homeowners. We demand that Wells-Fargo negotiate loan modifications with the Wells Fargo 8.
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