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TODAY we make our voices heard.  Today is the day that you have the opportunity to tell our Attorney General to side with US, and not the big banks.   

The 50-state Attorneys General have the opportunity to provide justice for millions of homeowners and restore our economy by delivering a strong settlement against the big banks.  But the big bank’s lobby and spin machine is already in overdrive, trying to weaken a middle-of-the-road settlement proposal suggested by the Attorneys General in early March.

Thats why Attorney General Kamala Harris needs to hear from you today.

ACCE and the Home Defenders League is working with dozens of organizations in California and around the country as part of the "Crime Shouldn't Pay" campaign.  Our goal is to generate 10,000 calls nationwide and send a clear message to our Attorneys General to come out in support of a strong settlement.  Will you be one of those 10,000 calls?

Call Attorney General Harris right now at 866-200-6444 and demand nothing less than a strong settlement against the big banks.

Tell her, “My Name is [SAY NAME.] I am a resident of California. The Attorney General must come out in support a settlement that provides justice for millions of homeowners and holds the big banks accountable for their crimes. Nothing less is acceptable.”

Let Attorney General Harris know that we are counting on her to protect California homeowners rather than the big banks that broke the law and bankrupted the economy.

 Spread the word by forwarding this email to other people that want to see the banks held accountable.

 And be sure to tell us how the call went: click here to report back.

 Fight Back!

Peggy Mears, ACCE and the Home Defenders League

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