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House leaders are considering deep cuts and restrictions that would drastically weaken essential programs like Medicare, Medicaid and SNAP/food stamps; repeal Obamcare; cut taxes for the rich; and increase Pentagon spending.

This is a budget that your community needs to hear about. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper letting people know how The People's Budget will protect all the things that matter to your community.

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  • While members of the Republican majority are competing to see who can make the deepest cuts, there is a budget proposal before Congress that would boost the economy for all of us while cutting the number of people in poverty in half. It’s The People’s Budget, proposed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The People’s Budget invests in safe and productive infrastructure, education, affordable housing, health care and nutrition, child care and working family tax credits. It calls for increasing the minimum wage. These investments will create 3.6 million jobs, and set us on a path to cut poverty in half in ten years. The People’s Budget recognizes that leaving more than 46 million people in poverty (one in five children) costs too much – people unable to participate fully in our economy squander needed talents and drag down our growth. I hope the House gets the chance to vote for The People’s Budget – it will make us stronger.

  • Every year without fail our elected representatives give over half of the discretionary budget to the Pentagon, leaving less than half to be divided up to fund education, healthcare, environmental spending, infrastructure, and everything else that is important to the American people’s livelihood. To make this even worse, the Pentagon’s “slush fund” is not subject to any spending caps and the Pentagon never has to face an audit of its spending, leaving American’s deprived of needed resources and in the dark. The People’s Budget will ensure that the Pentagon be held accountable for its spending, and it will reinvest in America and the American people.

  • America has a serious problem of outdated and literally crumbling infrastructure.Many of our bridges are rated structurally deficient, and tragedies such as the 2007 I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapse and the water crisis in Flint, Michigan are proof that the United States needs to invest in infrastructure. Flint is not the only city in the United States that has toxic water running through the faucets of their citizen’s homes, and thousands of bridges are at risk of collapse across America. Hundreds of millions of dollars are needed in order to improve the water system and fix crumbling roads and bridges in addition to hundreds of other needed infrastructural improvements. The People’s Budget allocates $1 trillion toward infrastructure spending to fix these problems.

  • A stable Social Security system is desperately needed in order to ensure the proper management of people’s pension monies and to ensure that the disabled and elderly who are no longer able to work are adequately taken care of. All the proposed budgets except the People’s Budget inadvertently reinforce the false impression that the people's pension monies - the Social Security trust funds -- are not being properly managed. The People’s Budget will make sure that Social Security funds are handled properly and kept separate from the rest of the budget as they were meant to be, and will ensure that everyone gets the retirement that they have earned and that they deserve as hard working American citizens.

  • The water crisis in Flint, Michigan is proof that the United States needs to invest in infrastructure, not make devastating cuts that impact the health of thousands of people who are already struggling to live due to racial and economic disparities. Flint is not the only city in the United States that has toxic water running through the faucets of their citizen’s homes; millions of dollars are needed in order to remove lead pipes and improve water testing and maintenance. The People’s Budget allocates $1 trillion toward infrastructure spending and specifically designates $150 billion to replace the aging, toxic pipelines, and in the process will lead to the creation of thousands of good paying jobs, resulting in a major boost to those most in need.

  • A high quality education is something which should be guaranteed to all Americans regardless of income, race, or disability. Unfortunately, House Republicans call for cuts to education spending and support policies which will further the enormous amounts of debt experienced by thousands of college students each year. The Congressional Progressive Caucus knows that a good and fair education is vital to the success of an individual and even more so vital to the success of the nation as a whole. That is why the People’s Budget provides full funding to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, funding for universally available Pre-K education, greater investments overall in high quality K-12 education, and options for refinancing student loans. Every American deserves a great education, and the People’s Budget will make sure they get it.

  • The global crisis of global warming and environmental devastation cannot be ignored any longer. American corporations cannot be provided tax loopholes to avoid improving their technology to meet environmentally safe standards, and the government cannot continue to provide subsidies provided to oil, gas, and coal companies. The People’s Budget will close the loopholes and end the subsidies for polluting entities. By implementing a price on carbon pollution and investing in clean, renewable, and efficient energy and green manufacturing, the People’s Budget will provide the United States with a green future.

  • America has a major issue with unfair taxation on corporations and individuals; the current system in place provides major loopholes to those who earn the most, while putting the greatest burden on those most in need. The People’s Budget will make needed changes to the way individuals and corporations are taxed, helping to close the disparities between the poorest Americans and the 1%. On an individual level, the People Budget ensures profits from investments are taxed at the same rate as income from work, and returns to Clinton-era tax rates for households making over $250,000 while also implementing new brackets for those making over $1 million. It also calls for expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Care Credit, providing much needed support to those making the least money. On the corporate level, the People’s Budget eliminates the ability of U.S. corporations to defer taxes on offshore profits, ends corporate inversions that allow U.S. companies to avoid paying taxes, enacts a Financial Transaction Tax on Wall Street’s high-stakes trading, and ends unlimited executive pay tax write-offs. If we want a system of taxation that provides financial stability to the American people and makes those who earn the most pay their fair share, we need the People’s Budget.

  • Severe injustices of police brutality and major problems of voting corruption have been key issues in the political debates for the 2016 Election. Seeing young men of color gunned down by police officers on the news has become too regular, and a lack of accountability for actions taken by the justice department has caused understandable outrage among millions of Americans who desire change in the system. The People’s Budget supports a justice system that is fair and effective for all Americans with full funding for key DOJ programs, including public defenders and recidivism reduction, and hopes to help rebuild trust in the justice system by funding community oriented policing reforms. The People’s Budget also strengthens Department of Justice Voter Protection Programs, and pushes to protect voting rights by increasing funding to voter protection agencies. It also will provide funding for public financing of campaigns to curb the influence of special interests in politics. All Americans should feel safe and protected from harm in the United States, and all should feel that their voices can be heard in the political system; The People’s Budget will ensure fair voting and true justice for all

  • The United States is facing a cost crisis with healthcare. While great steps have been made with the Affordable Care Act, more steps must be made to create truly affordable and accessible care for all. The People’s Budget includes multiple proposals to ensure affordable health care including a repeal of excise taxes on high-priced healthcare plans for workers and replacing it instead with a public option, implementation of drug price negotiation for Medicare, allowing states to transition to single-payer health care systems, and expansion of access to mental health care and treatment for opioid and heroin addiction. While the Republicans are calling for cutting the Affordable Care Act and leaving health care coverage in the hands of the states to decide, the Congressional Progressive Caucus knows that real change cannot happen unless major investments are made on a federal level. The People’s Budget will help to ensure that affordable and high-quality health care is a right to all Americans.