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  • I Stand In Solidarity with Standing Rock

    Send a letter to President Obama and tell him to Stop Construction on the Pipeline!

    Thanksgiving is a day when many of us will be spending time with our families and giving thanks for what we have. While it is celebrated in the US as a national holiday, we must also remember its painful history for Native American communities. This painful history continues until today, and we stand in solidarity with the indigenous people who are resisting the ongoing colonization of their land.

    On Sunday night, Water Protectors were met with water hoses in freezing temperatures, shot with rubber bullets, and sprayed with pepper spray.

    President Obama has the power to permanently stop construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline and respect the sovereignty of Native Americans. After you send the email, call the number displayed on the screen and leave a phone message for President Obama.

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  • Tell Your Senators to Vote NO on Saudi Arms Deal

    When millions of Americans call their elected officials demanding action we win. If your Senator pledges to VOTE NO we will win.

    The US Senate is voting on the $1.5 Billion Saudi Arms Deal the week of August 2th; we can call our Senators at least twice between now and then to let them know how important it is for them to support SJ Res 39 and VOTE NO!

    It's EASY to call your Senator
    (Enter zip code- the phone number is next to the photo):

    Tell them your name
    Tell them you live in Virginia and give the city
    Tell them to support SJ Res 39 and VOTE NO ON SAUDI ARMS DEAL!

    While emails are important, calls are more effective. Please feel free to do both.

  • Petition: CA Clean Money

    On Monday, Clean Money supporters like you made a massive stand for AB 700, the California DISCLOSE Act, at the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing in Sacramento.

    AB 700 will strike the biggest blow yet against the unlimited secret money unleashed by Citizens United by requiring that ballot measure ads and ads about candidates from outside groups clearly disclose the real names of their top three funders — on the ads themselves.

    AB 700 is now on the Senate Appropriations Committee suspense file.  Any day now, Senator Ricardo Lara (the chair) and Senate President pro Tem Kevin de Leon will decide whether to let it out or let it die.

    Both Senators Lara and de Leon have long supported the California DISCLOSE Act.  Now we need their leadership more than ever.

    Use this tool to email your Senator and ask them to support AB 700 and also send a special Thank you to Senate President pro Tem, Kevin de Leon.

  • Don’t Garnish Social Security to Pay Student Loan Debt!

    Americans used to be able to get a college degree without going into debt. But politicians dismantled that debt-free college system, and the burden is now so heavy that student loan debt follows people to their graves.

    Today, over 700,000 people relying on Social Security are still paying their student loans. Over 160,000 Social Security beneficiaries have their monthly checks garnished to pay off federal student loans.

    Until 1996 it was against the law to garnish Social Security benefits to pay debts, but that protection was stripped for debts owed to the federal government.

    But we can fix this. It doesn’t even require an act of Congress. The Department of Education can declare a moratorium on garnishing Social Security benefits for student debt. We can make this happen -- and bring relief to the many Social Security recipients still struggling to repay their student loans.

  • The Vote Heard 'Round the World

    California is poised to pass historic climate legislation within the next three weeks.

    • The State Senate already passed bills ordering strong mandates for clean energy targets and GHG reductions by 2030 and 2050.
    • The governor wants to sign these bills.
    • First they must get through the Assembly.

    are pushing hard to block the passage of this breakthrough legislation, pressing Assembly Members to vote against this climate package. 

    We need your help.

    Send a letter to your Assembly Member asking him or her to vote YES for this legislation, to vote YES to the future. Urge them to speak up on the Assembly floor and ask colleagues to also support the bills. Urge them to LEAD.

  • End discrimination on the basis of sex: Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and guarantee equal pay for equal work

    In 1972, Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which would provide a path to reliable economic security for both women and men by guaranteeing that equal pay for equal work is enshrined in the United States Constitution. 43 years later, 35 states have ratified the ERA – leaving us three states short of full ratification. 

    Currently, federal and state laws do not and cannot fully protect equal rights for women and girls under the law. This is because discrimination on account of sex is not barred by the Constitution. 

    This inequity puts women behind on earnings for their whole careers—and since Social Security benefits reflect one’s earnings, it means that women fall behind in retirement, too. This isn’t fair, and it’s time to address this disparity at its root—by ratifying ERA and closing the gender pay gap. 

    Stand with People Demanding Action, Campaign for America’s Future and Social Security Works in supporting the Equal Rights Amendment. We will deliver your signatures to state legislatures across the country who are yet to ratify ERA.

  • Senators Say No to Fast Track

    According to, some $200 Million dollars was spent buying our representatives’ Yes votes on Fast Track*.

    So ask your senator two questions:

    1. “How much were you paid to vote against your constituents and the environment?
    2. Is it worth losing your seat over this vote?

    Call your Senators using the phone number below their name or use the AFL-CIO TPP Hotline 855-712-8441.

  • Tell Your Rep to Vote NO on TAA

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a massive corporate trade deal that will ship jobs overseas, erode wages at home, threaten environmental protection, and undercut Wall Street reform. Oh, and it’s secret deal that we are not allowed to read.

    Fast-track authority would grant the President (and his successor) unilateral power to negotiate this deal in secret—for the next six years.

    To placate these concerns, Congress would pass a companion bill that funds some "worker training" by cutting Medicare. The House overwhelmingly defeated this measure (called the Trade Adjustment Assistance) on June 12th, but then narrowly approved fast-track for the TPP anyway.

    Right now, fast track cannot move forward without Trade Adjustment Assistance. Corporate lobbyists are pushing members of Congress on both sides—hoping to line up most Republicans, and squeeze out enough Democrats—to vote again so that Fast Track can go through.

    Regardless of their party or current position, please call and send an e-mail to your member of Congress—urging them to vote no.

  • Stop the sneak attack on Medicare.

    There is a trade agreement being negotiated behind closed doors that will have broad-reaching impacts on the American economy. Called Trans-Pacific Partnership—or TPP—this trade deal is set to be fast-tracked through Congress, before the American public has the chance to weigh in.Not only is there a risk to American jobs, but as currently written, the deal could raise Medicare prescription drug costs.

    But on Tuesday, something happened that no one expected: Thanks to the leadership of Senators Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders, the slowed down the progress of Fast Track trade authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by blocking a key test vote.

    While this is a real victory for people-powered movements, a rotten compromise package has reared its head that would pay for worker re-training with $700 million in cuts to Medicare funding.

    Out of pocket health care costs already consume more than a third of the average Social Security check. If that amount increases, that’s just as bad as the cuts to our Social Security system that we’ve been fighting. The fact that health care costs have increased faster than Social Security’s cost of living adjustments just proves that Social Security needs to be expanded—not cut. And cuts to people with Medicare are effectively cuts to Social Security.

    Tell the Senate: Stop the sneak attack on Medicare!

  • Tell your members of Congress to vote “No!” on Fast Track before it’s too late.

    The Hatch/Wyden/Ryan Fast Track bill was introduced in Congress today; the threat is now very real.

    Fast Track was born in the 1970s when trade negotiations were mostly about quotas and tariffs. It wasn’t such a good idea then, and today it is an even worse idea.

    Here’s why: In addition to keeping Congress and the public in the dark, Fast Track was designed to create a special insider role for more than 500 corporate lobbyists who now function as official U.S. “trade advisers.”

    That means that when Fast Track is in place, lobbyists get to shape U.S. trade policy—not Congress, and not the American people. (We’re not even allowed to read the text of what’s being negotiated.)

    Please look up and enter your full nine-digit zip code for best results.

  • Commute The Sentences Of All Non-Violent Federally Convicted Persons

    Whereas the federal government spends $30,000 a year to cage federal prisoners, and 60% of those incarcerated are doing time for non-violent offenses. 

    Whereas the criminal justice system disproportionately impacts low-income Americans, African Americans, and Hispanics. According to the Justice Policy Center, 71% of fathers in state prisons had incomes of less than $2000 in the month prior to arrest; 80% of women incarcerated report incomes of less than $2000 in the year before their arrest, and 90% report incomes of less than $10,000 in the year before their arrest.

    Whereas the current sentencing structure violates the 8th amendment, and represents cruel and unusual punishment, by forcing families into poverty upon the extraction of a relative for a harsh sentence. According to leading criminal psychologists, punishment does not reduce recidivism. Lost productivity of incarcerated men taken away from the workforce is estimated at $57-$65 billion dollars.

    Whereas BOP pays $7 billion dollars per year, for a prison system that is neither cost effective, nor does it reduce recidivism or enhance the safety and security communities in the nation.

    Community alternatives to imprisonment cost only a fraction of imprisonment. At Exodus, for example, it costs approximately $6,000 dollars to mentor a formerly incarcerated individual for one year. Recent studies in Chicago, clearly demonstrate that job programs for low income juvenile delinquents dramatically reduces risk of criminal behavior. Furthermore, other empirical studies report that high quality preschool, community involvement, and family counseling prevent the mental health problems that lead to crime.  Families of nonviolent federal prisoners are falling into abject poverty, as income earning loved ones are needlessly extracted to be cruelly punished in cages for nonviolent drug crimes.  Therefore, an application  for a commutation should not be required from individuals with sentences known to be unjust.    The U.S. releases 750,000 inmates annually who have completed their sentences.  More can be released.  The BOP has sentencing data on all its inmates.  It is able to identify those who were sentenced for nonviolent offenses.  Furthermore, the BOP will save $240 million by releasing 8000 or more citizens behind the walls as identified by Eric Holder as eligible for clemency in his Smart on Crime Initiative. 

    We therefore kindly and humbly request the release of all nonviolent federally convicted persons with deliberate speed, including those whose crimes may have been wrongfully classified as violent or those who were over charged during the plea bargaining process.

    The gentleman in the picture is Kevin Washington.  He is doing a life sentence after a third strike. He had less than 3oz of cocaine.

    Dr. Madeline McClenney-Sadler, Ph.D
    President/Founder of

  • Free Political Prisoner Don Siegelman

    The right to due process – a civil right – is at the heart of the civil rights movement being celebrated in Selma this week. 113 Attorney Generals across the country have argued that Governor Siegelman never committed any crime. Much of President Obama’s foreign policy and public image is based on the concept of spreading human rights abroad; it's time we practice them at home.

    Tell President Obama to Free Don Siegelman Now!

  • Expand, Don't Cut Social Security

    Next week, the Senate Budget committee is holding its first hearing on Social Security benefits. This hearing marks the starting point in the Republican plan to cut our earned benefits.

    Republicans are offering the American people a false choice. They claim that the only way to avoid future Social Security cuts is to cut benefits now.

    But the American people know the real story about Social Security. Social Security is not going broke. That it has a $2.8 trillion surplus, can pay out every benefit owed to every eligible American for the next 18 years and 80 percent of benefits owed after that, and when we finally ask the very wealthy to start paying their fair share, we can not only extend the life of the Social Security trust fund, we can afford to expand benefits for the majority of Americans.

    Send them a message:

  • ERA Virginia

    On Tuesday, January 27th, the Privileges and Elections Committee voted to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment bringing us one step closer to full ratification.

    The Equal Rights Amendment would provide a path to reliable economic security for both women and men by guaranteeing that equal pay for equal work is enshrined in the United States Constitution. We need the Equal Rights Amendment to lift women and families out of poverty and promote household stability. This is a civil rights issue!

    Without the Equal Rights Amendment laws like Lily Ledbetter and the Pay Equity Act have no teeth. There is nothing in the United States Constitution that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex so these piecemeal laws have no judicial standing.

    "Every Constitution written since the end of World War II includes a provision that men and women are citizens of equal stature. Ours does not." -- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • ERA Congressional


  • Congressional ERA

    The ERA is non-partisan. Equality is fundamental human right. The text of the ERA reads: "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex." Type in your zip code below. Our advocacy tool will generate an email to urge them to take action.

  • Free Rev. Pinkney

    Attorney General of the United States Eric H. Holder
    The honorable Representative John Conyers of Michigan
    The honorable Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont

    The following signatories request that you bring the power of your offices to bear in the case of Reverend Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor, Michigan, who we believe has been wrongly accused, tried and convicted of crimes that he did not commit.

    Reverend Pinkney is a founding member of BANCO, the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization, of Benton Harbor Michigan, and is arguably the loudest, most outspoken activist in his community. His organization holds spirited rallies and takes direct political action against what they claim is rampant government-corporate collusion, police corruption, economic injustice, and a discriminatory plan for gentrification of the city.