Stop the sneak attack on Medicare.

There is a trade agreement being negotiated behind closed doors that will have broad-reaching impacts on the American economy. Called Trans-Pacific Partnership—or TPP—this trade deal is set to be fast-tracked through Congress, before the American public has the chance to weigh in.Not only is there a risk to American jobs, but as currently written, the deal could raise Medicare prescription drug costs.

But on Tuesday, something happened that no one expected: Thanks to the leadership of Senators Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders, the slowed down the progress of Fast Track trade authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by blocking a key test vote.

While this is a real victory for people-powered movements, a rotten compromise package has reared its head that would pay for worker re-training with $700 million in cuts to Medicare funding.

Out of pocket health care costs already consume more than a third of the average Social Security check. If that amount increases, that’s just as bad as the cuts to our Social Security system that we’ve been fighting. The fact that health care costs have increased faster than Social Security’s cost of living adjustments just proves that Social Security needs to be expanded—not cut. And cuts to people with Medicare are effectively cuts to Social Security.

Tell the Senate: Stop the sneak attack on Medicare!

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Number Date Name Location Tell your Senators why ...
1898 3.7 years ago Frank A. Brincka Sussex, NJ
1897 3.7 years ago Joyce Pritchard Helena, MT
1896 3.7 years ago Nancy Weatherwax Albion, MI
1895 3.7 years ago Leo Elizabeth Alonzo Los Angeles , CA There is nothing wrong with SS......The Greedy people who where voted into office and corporations want to steal the Peoples money!!!!
1894 3.7 years ago Nancy Wellinger Pleasant Ridge, MI My family and all families would suffer greatly without social security.
1893 3.7 years ago Virginia O'toole Muskegon, MI
1892 3.7 years ago Esther Wolf Seattle, WA It supports me in my retirement..../1
1891 3.7 years ago Jason Gaylor GASBURG, VA Stop the TPP and expand Social Security!
1890 3.7 years ago gustavo lopez Duarte, CA
1889 3.7 years ago Betty L. Hartzler TUCSON, AZ
1888 3.7 years ago Mathalie Mericle arlington, WA Social Security is my financial mainstay. If I were to lose any portion of it I'd be working with a less than subsistence level monthly budget. As it is, I use thrift stores when new clothes are n...
1887 3.7 years ago Berrnie Jensen Lake Stevens, WA Social Security is vital to our family.
1886 3.7 years ago Barbara Ovalle SAN ANTONIO, TX Is this the plan to pay for worker retraining for the loss of American jobs due to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Cloture will not save this trade deal. Either way the American people know what's go...
1885 3.7 years ago Sherrill Futrell Davis, CA
1884 3.7 years ago Daniel Manuelian Nyc, NY
1883 3.7 years ago William Larson Theodore, NC I now live on Social Security and can not afford cuts to medicare.
1882 3.7 years ago David Kreiss-Tomkins Sitka, AK
1881 3.7 years ago Wm Schultz WHITEFISH, MT My mom who is 90 depends on her SS.
1880 3.7 years ago Dorothy Moritz Seattle, WA My main income is Social Security. I paid it all the years I worked without complaint and now that I'm 88 years old I need my investment for my food and rent.
1879 3.7 years ago Elaine Tallman Everett, WA We barely make our expenses as it is now, we do not need to have cuts made. We are unable to work and have no other income.
1878 3.7 years ago Brian Fink Brooklyn, NY
1877 3.7 years ago Peter Mccarthy Carol Stream, IL
1876 3.7 years ago Garrick Updyke Cheboygan, MI
1875 3.7 years ago Susan Titus ITHACA, NY
1874 3.7 years ago Natalie Cortez Sacramento, CA
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