Demand Policy Makers Commit to The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers

Claiming to support student loan borrowers is not enough without action. Forty-four million borrowers are carrying over $1.3 trillion in student loan debt - they can no longer wait for change. This is why I am pushing my community and public policy leaders to act now.

I pledge to be a student loan voter, someone who supports affordable higher education and common sense solutions to the student debt crisis that is holding back our economy.

I pledge to push my representatives to uphold the policy reforms included in The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers and to support 
policy makers as they work to make these reforms a reality.

Public policy makers must commit to fighting for the following reforms:

I pledge to be a Student Loan Voter and to support policy makers in their work to implement The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers.

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29319 1 day ago Kimberly Stein Frisco, TX
29318 1 day ago Maring Higa San Diego, CA
29317 1 day ago Nick Bauman San Diego, CA
29316 1 day ago Donald Leisman Pembroke, NH
29315 3 days ago Eileen So NY
29314 1 week ago Anne Blanchard Enosburg Falls, VT
29313 1 week ago Anne Blanchard Enosburg Falls, VT
29312 1 week ago Julie Martin Frederic, WI
29311 1 week ago Julie Martin Frederic, WI
29310 1 week ago Justin DeNeen Sugar Land, TX
29309 1 month ago Jeff Bence Wycombe, PA
29308 1 month ago Rhonda Hogan Gilbert, AZ interest and compound interest is the death of me
29307 1 month ago Sharyn Lawler New Hampshire, FL Take away reset button for repayment timeframe. Do this retroactively for everyone now on IBR or any other repayment plan. Count *all* years of repaying previous to IBR for 20- or 25-year cancellati...
29306 3 months ago bonnie lewis MD
29305 4 months ago Cornell Franklin Altamonte Springs, FL Please do not let President Trump cut the educational budget for student loans and financial AID PLEASE DO Not!!!
29304 4 months ago Michael Seager Mentor, OH
29303 4 months ago Sarah Peterson Richmond, VA Offer grants for those with high student loan debt to income ratios.
Offer solutions for those students who can't finish their degree and are stuck with loan debt.
29302 4 months ago Norma Pearson Fairburn , GA
29301 4 months ago Danielle Seid Eugene , OR
29300 4 months ago Katherine Plamondon vancouver, WA I am in the process of refinsncing mybhome tonpay off my student loan debt which is a result of servicer' errors. I am 70 and concerned to give up this $66000 which was reserved for me in old age, b...
29299 4 months ago John Synoraski Harrisburg, PA
29298 4 months ago Jorge Acosta Berwyn, IL This has been going on for way longer than I thought it could.
29297 4 months ago Maggie Ellinger-Locke Hyattsville, MD
29296 5 months ago Amy KROL The Dalles, OR
29295 5 months ago Myra Batchelder Brooklyn, NY
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