Demand Policy Makers Commit to The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers

Claiming to support student loan borrowers is not enough without action. Forty-four million borrowers are carrying over $1.3 trillion in student loan debt - they can no longer wait for change. This is why I am pushing my community and public policy leaders to act now.

I pledge to be a student loan voter, someone who supports affordable higher education and common sense solutions to the student debt crisis that is holding back our economy.

I pledge to push my representatives to uphold the policy reforms included in The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers and to support 
policy makers as they work to make these reforms a reality.

Public policy makers must commit to fighting for the following reforms:

I pledge to be a Student Loan Voter and to support policy makers in their work to implement The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers.

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16297 1 week ago Letty Lederman West Bloomfield , MI
16296 3 weeks ago Peter Klopfenstein Pinon Hills, CA Like a lot of misguided liberal programs they backfired on somebody elses administration. we have a responsibility to ease the burden on our young citizens,
16295 3 weeks ago Steve Wold Norman, OK When I was first a college student in the 1980s federal student loans were there to help student receive a college education. Now in 2017 student loans are a form of indentured servitude to make th...
16294 4 weeks ago Beverly Hood Saint Johnsbury, VT
16293 4 weeks ago Mark Teig Pine Bush, NY
16292 1 month ago Donna Pace Seminole, FL I am no way to be able to pay back student loans.
16291 1 month ago Barry Hersh Bayside, NY
16290 1 month ago Kathy Holman Portland, OR
16289 1 month ago Lawrence Logue PENSACOLA, FL
16288 1 month ago Dr. Alexander Henrich Hamburg, ot
16287 1 month ago Dr. Alexander Henrich Hamburg, ot
16286 1 month ago Herminio Flores-Mulero Caguas, PR
16285 1 month ago Marguerite Mosley Miami, FL
16284 1 month ago Rosemary Vavitsas NY
16283 1 month ago zaida cintron Evanston, IL
16282 1 month ago zaida cintron Evanston, IL
16281 1 month ago Pearl Munak Paso Robles, CA
16280 1 month ago Pamela Elliott Wapakoneta, OH Help these students in any way possible and keep consumer protections in place!
16279 1 month ago Judy Napier Huntington, WV
16278 1 month ago Sarah Becerra TX
16277 1 month ago Michael Roberts Awendaw, SC
16276 1 month ago Katrina Dasenbrock OR
16275 1 month ago Elsie Shrawder San Diego, CA Allow these students to refinance their student loans!!!!!
16274 1 month ago diana leigh Paris, KY
16273 1 month ago Jan Washington Metairie , LA
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