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With more than $1.4 trillion in student debt holding back Americans of all ages and backgrounds, the time has come for a change. Instead of cutting Pell Grants, unleashing debt collectors, dismantling public education, and forcing faculty to rely on public assistance, it’s time for a plan that offers students, faculty, borrowers, and families the support they need.

We’re ready for the College For All Act to give students—past, present, and future—an equitable path to a college degree, a debt-free future, and return higher education to the public.

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80723 18 hours ago Scott Foster Port Townsend, WA
80722 3 days ago Kristen Starkey Chicago, IL
80721 5 days ago clyde winter Grafton, WI A corporation is not a person.
End corporate rule.
Government that is by and for THE PEOPLE.
80720 1 week ago Anonymous Mars Hill, NC Ensure Betsy DeVos doesn't profit from student loans.
80719 1 week ago Vandy Moses MI
80718 1 week ago Anonymous Spring, TX
80717 1 week ago Yahira Torres Lowell, MA
80716 2 weeks ago Anonymous costa mesa, CA
80715 2 weeks ago Casey Rowe Fort Worth , TX
80714 2 weeks ago Sidney Williams Macon, GA
80713 2 weeks ago MARTHA WINSOR WATERTOWN, CT Investing in education is investing in our country. We need an educated population to participate in government, business, healthcare, education, manufacturing, research and development, social scie...
80712 2 weeks ago Sheryl Spivey Fayrh, GA
80711 2 weeks ago Jamie Ferrier NASHUA, NH
80710 2 weeks ago Dara Joy Jaworowicz Kentwood, MI I am a former student. I have been in the workforce for 5 years now. I'm on an income driven repayment plan. My monthly payment goes to interest only, and my monthly accrued interest is more than my...
80709 2 weeks ago Susan Jaworowicz Kentwood, MI There comes a time when it is necessary to recognize that wealth is not a sign of superiority and education should not be available only to the financially advantaged.
80708 3 weeks ago Joseph Pepe Harrison, NY Trump must be stopped with this plan. Myself and others will never get out of debt!
80707 3 weeks ago Karen Alexander-Brown Portland, OR This is an investment in the future. Our tax dollars should provide Americans with an equal opportunity to learn and to build skills.
80706 3 weeks ago Michael Seager Mentor, OH
80705 3 weeks ago Barb Holznagel Bismarck, ND
80704 3 weeks ago Kathy Albergo Roselle, IL
80703 3 weeks ago Jeffrey Burton McAllen, TX
80702 3 weeks ago Cathy Dyer Kansas City, MO
80701 3 weeks ago Kristin Mallery Newark, MD
80700 3 weeks ago Avi Okin Kamuela , HI
80699 3 weeks ago JoAnn Paulin Fort Mohave , AZ Advanced school should be available to everyone, not just the rich.
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