Congress: Protect Student Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Workers

To be delivered to members of the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives

We demand that Congress protect Public Service Loan Forgiveness for Americans harmed by student loan debt.

One in four Americans may be eligible for full student debt relief because of their hard work supporting their communities. Teachers, nurses, first-responders, social workers, and many others qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Yet members of Congress have targeted the vital program for elimination. We cannot let them.

Add your name. Urge Congress to:

PROTECT student loan forgiveness for people who work in public service.

DEFEND existing repayment programs that help people lower their monthly payments.

PRESERVE the long-held American tradition of supporting and encouraging public service.

Congress created Public Service Loan Forgiveness in 2007 with strong bipartisan support. For over a decade, the program has given Americans the financial freedom to pursue careers in public service, to dedicate their lives to improving our society, and to do so without the worry of burdensome student debt.

Now, lawmakers in Washington want to kill the program. We must stand up for public service workers and urgently defend repayment rights that help millions of us pay for our education.

Sign your name today. Demand Congress protect Public Service Loan Forgiveness for Americans impacted by the student debt crisis.



There is an all-out attack on Americans with student loan debt. The actions of Congress could do specific harm to those of us who dedicate our lives to teaching our children, keeping our streets safe, running our healthcare services, and making sure our justice system works fairly.

We need your help protecting Public Service Loan Forgiveness from multiple threats, including:

Trump Budget Proposal: The current administration’s budget proposal to Congress would eliminate important programs that make college more affordable and student loan debt easier to manage. Their budget cuts $200 billion from student aid programs, it eliminates subsidized student loans that lower interest costs, and it replaces existing student loan repayment options - which millions of Americans use to lower their monthly payments - with a new plan created by the president. On top of that, the administration’s budget completely eliminates the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. It would end the promise of student loan freedom for underpaid public service workers who contribute to our communities.

Congress Reauthorizing the Higher Education Act (HEA): America’s higher education and student loan systems are written in the Higher Education Act (HEA). This bedrock legislation must be reauthorized by Congress and it is crucial that lawmakers preserve student loan programs, like Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Instead, House GOP proposed a reauthorization bill that puts the student loan forgiveness programs on the chopping block.

The so-called “PROSPER ACT,” introduced by the chair of the House Education Committee Rep. Virginia Foxx, would eliminate Public Service Loan Forgiveness as a misguided cost-cutting measure. Ending the program would make the future uncertain for millions of Americans who already expect to qualify for student debt relief. We have the power to stop this bill in its tracks and save Public Service Loan Forgiveness.


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