Tell the Democrats to include student debt policies in their "A Better Deal" for America agenda.

To be delivered to the Democratic National Committee

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12898 7 hours ago Anonymous Antioch, TN
12897 2 weeks ago Jennifer Fischer Brownsburg , IN I am going to be paying on my loan for the rest of my life. I had to turn to an income-driven payment plan just to survive.
12896 2 weeks ago Anonymous CA If ever there was a reason for me to NOT want to continue living life on this planet....The oppression of student loan debt would be just that reason.
12895 2 weeks ago Sean McMahan Mundelein, IL
12894 2 weeks ago Alexander Heaton IL
12893 4 weeks ago Nicole Michaelis BROOKLYN, NY
12892 4 weeks ago Diane Buckholz Ansonia, CT
12891 1 month ago Nicole Lavy-Joy Lexington, KY
12890 2 months ago Mark Jackson Jackson FL
12889 3 months ago Richard Sanford pennrun, PA
12888 3 months ago DeLores P Sears Sears Lilburn, GA
12887 4 months ago Merrill Dellas Santa Rosa, CA
12886 4 months ago Merrill Dellas Santa Rosa, CA
12885 4 months ago Steven Kroeger Albany, NY I am being extorted
12884 5 months ago Donald Leisman Pembroke, NH
12883 5 months ago Terry Eaton Brush Prairie, WA When, if ever does the United States plan to catch up with the rest of the civilized world. We should be investing in our own education, ensuring people have access to their right to health care, a...
12882 5 months ago Elizabeth Wojcik Chicago, IL
12881 5 months ago Dawn Healy Athens, GA
12880 6 months ago Joseph Mogel worcester, MA
12879 6 months ago Juliet Betita Santa Barbara, CA
12878 6 months ago Anonymous CA Education is the most important asset for our children and country's future. It shouldn't be a bankruptcy in waiting - a debt burden that holds back our children and their full potential.
12877 6 months ago Anonymous St Augustine, St Augustine My SOCIAL SECURITY will actually be garnished, while students today are smart enough to go to other countries where college education is FREE because they are intelligent enough to understand that t...
12876 6 months ago Susan Osada Buffalo Grove, IL
12875 6 months ago Rhonda Malecki Minneapolis, MN
12874 6 months ago Rhonda Malecki Minneapolis, MN
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