Congress: Protect Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

To be delivered to members of the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives

We demand that Congress protect all student loan repayment and forgiveness programs. Americans harmed by student loan debt depend on them.

One in four Americans may be eligible for full student debt relief because of their work supporting communities. Many more borrowers qualify for federal repayment programs that could lower their monthly payments. Yet members of Congress have targeted programs for elimination. We cannot let them.

Add your name. Urge Congress to:

PROTECT student loan forgiveness for people who work in public service

DEFEND existing repayment programs that help people lower their monthly payments

PRESERVE the long-held American tradition of supporting and encouraging public service

For over a decade, crucial student loan programs have given Americans the financial freedom to pursue their careers, to dedicate their lives to improving our society, and to do so without the worry of burdensome student debt.

Now, lawmakers in Washington want to kill these programs. We must stand up for all student loan borrowers and urgently defend repayment rights that help millions of us pay for our education.

Sign your name today. Demand Congress protect student loan forgiveness programs.


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