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With more than $1.4 trillion in student debt holding back Americans of all ages and backgrounds, the time has come for a change. Instead of cutting Pell Grants, unleashing debt collectors, dismantling public education, and forcing faculty to rely on public assistance, it’s time for a plan that offers students, faculty, borrowers, and families the support they need.

We’re ready for the College For All Act to give students—past, present, and future—an equitable path to a college degree, a debt-free future, and return higher education to the public.

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80633 1 week ago Kimberly Hart Advance, NC
80632 1 week ago Anthony Walsh Needham, MA
80631 1 week ago Robert Betchyk Thornton , PA
80630 1 week ago Anonymous TX
80629 1 week ago Guadalupe Shepard Espinoza Mesa, AZ Sign and share
80628 1 week ago Renee Keane NY Stop funding war. Free college for all. Forgive all college debt.
80627 1 week ago Anonymous Coeur D Alene, ID Accumulated interest make it almost impossible to repay. This should be eliminated and rolled back to original lian debt when refinancing. Relief should also be in place for retirees and those on so...
80626 1 week ago Jason Rezzonico Ringwood , NJ
80625 1 week ago Iliana Sonntag San Diego, CA
80624 1 week ago Andrea Taylor Hanahan, SC
80623 1 week ago Chris Wood Pittsburgh, PA Only selfish idiots wouldn't support this.
80622 1 week ago Carol Robinson MI
80621 1 week ago William Wilkes Jr Baltimore, MD
80620 1 week ago Zachary Riley NE
80619 1 week ago Tina Wilson West palm beach , FL
80618 1 week ago Kathryn Lowery Vero Beach, FL
80617 1 week ago Lanna Hill Atlanta, GA
80616 1 week ago Peter Hartmann Washington, DC
80615 1 week ago Anonymous Davenport, IA Student loans have been sold 3 times and are now almost double what I started with. I'll never be able to pay it even though they've been garnishing my wages for a decade. FML!!!
80614 1 week ago Anonymous Frankton, IN Lower student loan rates
Better repayment options and lesser time on loan forgiveness
80613 1 week ago Cathy Consaul Horizon City, TX
80612 1 week ago Laine Douglas Albuquerque, NM
80611 1 week ago Megan Ellis Norfolk, VA Should be interest free. Should be able to include in backruptcy.
80610 1 week ago Anonymous Smyrna, GA I am a single mom. I can verily support me and my child.
80609 1 week ago Russ Gladstone Danbury , CT This is a path to help restore a viable middle class.
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